I had a busy morning yesterday. After putting Orik to bed for his nap I headed into the kitchen with Jasper and Allegra to sort out the 3 or 4 kilos of carrots I had purchased. Out came the big saucepan, mandolin slicer, frozen kangaroo mince (I needed something cold to chill the water and I needed something for dinner) and a sink full of carrots and water. Jasper was installed at the sink with a scrubbing brush and he cleaned the mud off the carrots. He had a ball and the bonus was he helped me immensely. Allegra helped me by collecting the sliced carrot and bagging it up for me. We sliced and diced all the carrots whilst the water boiled and then the blanching and chilling began.

I followed the instructions, and indeed got the idea in the first place from my friend over at The Eco Mum who had blogged about it a couple of months back. Check out her blog for the links and details.

Anyway, I now have a HUGE bag of carrots blanched and frozen for future us and I know they are organic well as being heritage carrots (purple skins with orange inside and a golden yellow carrot inside and out) and best of all, they taste DIVINE.


I'd love to know what you think so please leave me a comment.

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