Lemons part 2

Ok, I have officially finished massacring pruning the tree and I think I have removed all the gall wasp nests. I am more than a little horrified at the sheer amount of gall wasp lumps, bumps and nodes that were on the tree and a little concerned for the life of the tree and its future lemon bearing for at least the next season. So much of the new growth was infested. Anyway, the job is done and tonight when he gets home I’ll get Martin to pile up some of the chook poo underneath with some grass too and divert the water tank overflow to its roots again. Then just hope for the best.


This is just 1 of the branches I chopped off, one of the more infested ones.


And here you can see where they have hatched. Hopefully they have not laid further nests that are yet undeveloped on my poor clipped lemon tree.


I'd love to know what you think so please leave me a comment.

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