Before it is too late…

I’ve been trying to educate myself somewhat of late. It’s been a scary process and some films I have really had to work myself up to watching. Food Inc was my starting point. Food Inc takes you along a journey, showing you each step of the process in food production. From the piglet to the pork roast, chick to the roast chicken and cow to the burger pattie. It also shows grain growth as this is what is used to feed the animals as well as ourselves. It is eye-opening to say the least.

For me, it has strengthened my resolve to try and feed my family on organic or, at the very least, locally grown and small farm raised meats. We have plans to raise our own chickens for both meat and eggs and Have been working out how many birds we need. As much as the idea of being that close to the slaughter is not an appealing thought, it is much more appealing that production chain slaughter. For those that are vegetarian or vegan, although it is not the right choice for me or my family, watching Food Inc makes me understand and respect that choice a lot more.

Watching Food Inc has also made me far more keen to grow heirloom vegetables. Purple carrots and potatoes, yellow or black tomatoes, blue or red corn or any other of the wide variety of other different coloured and old fashioned vegetables. Apart from helping keep the diversity alive, the taste of these different foods is wonderful and the colours are so much more appealing to toddlers. Who could say no to a plate with red corn, violent violet mashed potatoes, yellow beans and purple and yellow carrots?

I’ve also just watched An Inconvenient Truth. This is the film that started Gavin from on his journey to self sustainability and environmentally friendly lifestyle. His blog is an amazing read and incredibly inspiring. Well, I finally watched it on Friday night. It hurt my heart. It frightened me and after some sleep it has also strengthened my resolve. Al Gore, the runner up in the American presidential election a few years back has put together this documentary explaining and showing what global warming is doing to our planet. He busts common myths, corrects misinformation and lays it out on the line EXACTLY where we are today, what we are doing about it and most of all what we CAN do about it. It isn’t easy to watch and see with what apathy we are treating this wonderful planet, but I believe that this would be a fantastic film to be showing to kids in schools. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

I have other films on my watch list too. The Power of Community; How Cuba survived Peak oil is probably to be my next. I am hoping it can give me some insight into what is to come and more importantly, what we can do about it.

If you know of any other films I should tack onto my educational watch list, please share with me. As much as they share things that are more than just inconvenient truths, the time for apathy has passed and drastic action really is needed from us all. Before it really is too late.


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