Another day of gardening with the kids and a convert!

What a wonderful day! We had friends come over to visit. Ivonne and Jasper are 2 days apart in age and Sandra and I attended birthing classes together whilst we were both pregnant. We’ve journeyed through our parenting together and our children are all for the most part good friends. Today they came over for a catch up and we all went out to Bunnings as I wanted to get some strawberry plants and appropriate potware to grow them in. Whilst out there the lure of planting, growing and harvesting your own food became too much and Sandra decided to get a pot and, after much deliberation, some spinach and lettuce. Considering she lives in a flat with very little access to balcony space for a pot (her neighbour has a green thumb) I am extremely impressed.

We both bought ourselves those funky urn style pots with the extra planter spaces in the sides, a couple of punnets of seedlings and plants and some organic compost and potting mix and headed back to my place. I whacked a lot of pumpkin soup in the Thermomix for a late lunch and out we went. We filled up the pots, divvied out the gardening gloves (3 children, 2 pair of gloves :(), put soil in the pots, then based upon a majority rules vote we planted out the strawberries first. With 6 side planter spaces and the large open top, I bought 2 bags of the runners and 1 advanced plant for the top. It even has its first berry on there so the children might even, if we’re lucky, see some fruit really soon. Taking it in turns the children placed the strawberry plant in the pot and helped press down the soil I had backfilled. A brief stop for lunch and on to the lettuce and spinach. We’ve planted it out very full but I reckon that, with regular side harvesting, it shouldn’t be too crowded. Worth a try anyway. We then planted out my onion seeds as I will need them ready for planting when we move and we watered it all in. I have ended up with what I think is a cos lettuce and 2 baby spinach plants (yay :D) and I sent Sandra on her way with her large planter, 1 cut down orange juice container with 2 lettuces in it and a strawberry plant in a cut down milk container. I need to go and cover up some of my onion seeds with cling film but the rest went into my little seedling raiser. It’s all stacked up onto my pallets I scored and all watered in. It has been a great day.

Seeing Ivonne’s excitement about “her lettuce” was so wonderful and her attentiveness to planting was extraordinary. I am feeling so inspired as well as incredibly satisfied about having greened my thumbs a bit more. Absolutely gagging to move so come on August 25th Auction day (praying for really nasty weather to deter anyone else from coming) and a nice short settlement so I can get my garden beds in. Only 24 more sleeps!

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