A week of birthdays

This is the week for birthdays in our house. Many of Martin’s extended family and friends have their birthdays in late July, early August, including his late father, and many of my extended family have their birthdays in late August. However, in the space of 7 days ALL of my boys, Martin, Orik and Jasper, have their birthdays. It’s a busy week.

We start the run with Martin on the 2nd. I would post pictures of his birthday gift except that I managed to stuff it up twice. 😦 Not quite sure where I went wrong but needless to say I’m frustrated and disappointed. And Martin, after all his hard work sanding and planing it back after the first stuff up is not looking forward to a repeat performance. 3rd time will work a charm though as I don’t plan to do it the same way again. 😦

Brotherly love – first cuddles August 7th 2011

Orik about an hour old

Orik, our littlest baby (which is a farce since he’s 13kgs) is 1 today. Happy birthday little man! He was born in the birthing pool at home as part of the Sunshine Hospital Home Birth Program. He was 8lb8oz or 3.85kg and born s beautifully and easily. My favourite birth to date and a wonderfully empowering experience. Home birth is not for everyone but we felt that it was the right decision for us. We were attended by 2 fully qualified midwives as well as a student midwife, now also fully qualified and working at Sunshine Hospital and she was AMAZING! Our 2 older children were in bed asleep at 7:30 and Orik arrived at 7:52pm. Watching him now, leaning on my knees, practising his walking (he has taken 7 steps and a couple of other attempts but no charging off into the sunset like Jasper when he started walking) and listening to him making his train noises when we say “steam”. Ah, proud mummy moments.

Jasper, an hour or so old.

First cuddles with Jasper and Martin’s first few moments as a daddy.

Jasper, our first born, is the next birthday. He turns 4 on Wednesday. He was born on the 8th of the 8th 2008. His due date too! He had these amazing crystal blue eyes that pierced my soul the second I saw them. He still has them and still uses them to devastating effect when he wants to. He’s an incredible little boy with an insatiable thirst for life (and trouble usually too) and has a huge heart. When we wants to be he is one of the sweetest little boys I know and watching him with his little brother is heartwarming. Love you Jas!

The challenge with birthdays, particularly kids parties is to try and be eco friendly with the party and gifts. We don’t really do plastic toys here, although we do have some (it seems to be nearly inevitable) but on the whole their toys are metal or wooden. We asked for no gifts for Orik, mainly because he is too little to remember and because he has soooo many of his older siblings toys, both cast off and current, to play with. He needs for nothing. Jasper has only been allowed to invite 3 friends as we didn’t feel the need for a big party for him and we are planning a Bob the Builder Dino Dig party held down at the local beach if the weather is fine. I am all geared up and ready to make many of the snacks and on Saturday I will be cake baking/icing too. As for games and toys, I have tried to dodge the plastic bits and bobs for party bags (with limited success) and hoping to avoid too many lollies too (not all, I’m not a complete meanie ;)) but where I have really struggled is with paper napkins and plastic cups. I cringed when I realised we needed to have them. I din’t didn’t have enough glasses and cups for all the kids and neither did I have enough cloth napkins. Not a nice feeling. I hate using that stuff as I know it’s just a one use then landfill item but I really got stuck for an alternative.

As much as it was easier before I had my environmental awakening, I know that our life leaves a much smaller footprint than it used to and things seem to be cheaper too. That’s a win in my opinion, despite the occasional inconveniences and slip ups, and a birthday gift to our planet too.


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