Today has been a day that is more typical to Melbourne in Spring. It started the day with a major solar spill, and has been followed by rain, hail not far from here, further solar spills and even more rain. It has jumped between blue skies and deep grey overcast. It has been a frustrating kind of day to be perfectly honest. To wash or not to wash has been the question of the day.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jasper received 3 packets of seeds for his birthday; chives, sunflowers and radishes. Sunflowers are plants that don’t like transferring so we will plant them directly in the garden when we move. I plan on having some herb gutter beds along the back deck so we will plant the chives when the gutter beds are installed but the radishes, although not normally a container plant, I thought we might give a try. 3 2L milk containers cut down, some potting mix and 5 seeds per milk container and I am hoping we can get 15 radishes. Sadly, butterfingers that I am, I dropped the packet of seeds so spent 5 minutes grovelling around on the deck to pick up as many as I could find (most of them were still in the packet thankfully) and Jasper seems to have mostly forgiven me. The kids decided it was more preferable to puddle jump on the deck however, so their assistance disappeared after the “dirt digging” part was complete. I still feel better after having spent some time in the garden and I am looking forward to seeing whether we can grow radishes in containers.


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