An afternoon stroll and kites

I went for a walk to get some more coffee this afternoon. Orik went into the pram and Allegra, Jasper and I ambled along picking dandelions for the chickens. They like to pick them, it’s weeding of sorts (prevents next years plants being seeded at least) and the chooks get some bright yellow treats to entertain. I’d love to have a go eating them as I know they’re extremely good for us but I’d rather grow our own where I know they’ve not been piddled n by a passing dog. I have seeds ready to plant once we move.

Anyway, we had a lovely wander, waving at the cars and trucks as we walked over the footbridge over the Westgate Freeway (and got lots of honks and waves back too), watched the bugs that were crawling all over the walls, then meandered down Wembley Avenue to Cup and Bean, a wonderful little cafe in the strip of shops opposite Wembley Avenue Primary School. Cup and Bean owner Tim is so dedicated to his coffee and really knows what he is talking about. He carefully makes each coffee with amazing attention to detail and I highly recommend the most evil of evil brownies he has on the counter too. He also sells the beans he uses from Cartel Coffee Roasters who source direct from the grower. It’s a step better than fair-trade which still goes through a fair trade co-operative. My 2 favourite varieties of beans he sells are the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (2nd favourite) and the Ethiopian Hawisa which is absolutely sublime which he had back in stock today. 😀 We had a cino each then ambled on back where we waved to some more cars and I am sorry to say that we were actually given the finger by some guys. 😦 Thankfully the kids were a) too small to have seen it and b) too small to have understood anyway. We saw both an ambulance and a fire truck too so the children were rather excited.

We spent the afternoon in the garden flying (or trying to fly) home-made kites. Easy as pie to make, can be decorated as preferred and a cinch to fly… As long as there is sufficient wind. Normally I am grateful for living right beside the freeway as the noise barriers also cut down the wind dramatically but today it proved to be disappointing from the point of view of flying kites. Another day though for sure.


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