A new house!

It was auction day today. We are now the proud owners of our house in Ballan, and it is already bearing the mark of our having been there today in the form of a peach tree we planted in a slightly raised bed today. I know it hasn’t hit me yet but yippee, we are on our way! 34 days until settlement to organise the quotes we need, pack up this house, tee up the necessary tradesmen for quotes then job dates as well as get moved in as soon as possible after that. EXCITED!

And it was so wonderful to have the support of our friends there too. Your support in the lead up to, with the kids during the auction and during the signing and coming out to celebrate with us after was and is precious. We are profoundly grateful to you.

Well, we are both very very tired after a long and high energy day so I am off to bed to dream about our new life in Ballan. 😀


7 thoughts on “A new house!

  1. Kylie says:

    So happy for you guys, can’t wait to hear all the amazing things you will do with the place and your journey and lots of room for when we visit!!!

  2. Saz =) says:

    I am sooooooo happy for you guys!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Congrats Jessie. I looks forward to reading about how you transform the place. We are almost neighbours!


    • We are almost neighbours! We’re planning to come say hi on Sustainable House day so we can get some ideas of what we can do for our own house. Maybe when it’s harvest time we can swap some excess produce.

  4. missusmoonshine says:

    Congratulations! I hope everything goes as planned in the next month, can’t wait to see what you do with this cute little house 🙂

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