Play dough

It’s been a long week. The weather here in Melbourne, indeed across most of the southern half of Australia I believe, has been unpleasant to say the least. With gale force winds, showers and a relapse into winter, our time outside where the children can burn off their excess energy has been severely curtailed. Their behaviour has reflected that too, as has my level of (or lack thereof) patience. Thank gods it’s Friday!

Then, my stressed out, over tired and slightly fried brain remembered that lurking in the back of my fridge is a jar of the miraculous stuff called PLAY DOUGH! I only wish I’d thought of it earlier as Jasper and Allegra are, for the first time in 2 days, playing nicely, quietly and happily without driving each other or me stir crazy! They both asked for other colours so after an hour (including time where I cleaned up from making lasagne) they now have their previous yellow, coral red, sky blue (not that it’s blue sky today), gelato orange and grass green. And of course, within 5 minutes they have rainbow spotted red, yellow, blue, green and orange. *sigh*

At least it kept them quiet for a while.

What is your “keep the children quiet” activity?

2 thoughts on “Play dough

  1. I am so with you on the mixed-up play dough. It drives me clean round the bend. With paint too…a lovely spring pastel palette turns an ugly brown within minutes of the activity’s start.

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