Another day up at Ballan

We, being the kids and I, had a trip to Ballan planned for the day. Jas started the day off by going back to sleep on the couch and then vomiting everywhere but we still managed to make it to Geelong only 10 minutes late. Yep, Corio to be exact. Gumtree had provided the right place to find me a clothes line. So, armed with petrol money (our car might be economical but sheesh are we using the fuel these days. Driving up with a loaded trailer and back again 2-3 times a week will do that), $30 for the clothes line and the iPad fully charged to ward off any meltdowns over being “STUUUUUUCK!!!!!” in the car, we headed off. A nice easy trip down and an easy load up of the clothes line into the trailer and we were off to Ballan. I love travelling different ways into Ballan. I feel like we are starting to learn the spiderweb of smaller roads a little that surround the town and wider too.

The drive to Ballan was via the town of Anakie (pron. anarchy). I’m not sure why but it struck me as such a pretty area and it’s a place I would like to go back and explore at a later date. It’s situated right on the edge of the Brisbane Ranges so as you come out of town you rise into the hills. I can imagine the view the other way would be lovely. Just out of the township was a place called Fairy Park which I reckon will be a lovely day out for the family.

Purple King Beans

Next stop was Crossroads trading in Ballan to pick up some fencing supplies. I hammered 4 star pickets into the ground and wired on some chicken wire before Jas and I planted the beans. They’re Purple King beans which as their name suggests, are purple. We have a lot of purple veggies planned this year. They grow a lovely dark purple colour which makes picking them a LOT easier but when cooked they turn green. 😦 I think we may need to indulge in some Jack and the Beanstalk story telling now. 😉 The fencing is far from finished though, and I need to remove some of the weeds to do a thorough job of it, not to mention staking down the bottom of the wire and I still need to set the gate posts in concrete before connecting the fencing wire, BUT there is a 5 metre section that just needs staking into the ground. I’m pretty proud of it and myself for doing it to be honest. Another skill to add to the resume. 🙂 And yet again I forgot to take photos. I swear I was about to when someone small and grumpy had a mini meltdown. 😦

The house is looking great with the floors beginning to go down, wardrobe shelving and hanger decisions have been made and now it’s just the tiles to choose and laundry shelving distances to work out. I want some of them high enough in which to store my #36 Fowlers Vacola jars, complete with clips on too. Sadly my jars are packed so those measurements will have to wait until after Sunday when I can start moving up the boxes of jars into the new kitchen cupboards. 😀 As for the tiles, lighter than the kitchen or darker. I have no idea. I just want something that won’t show up how long it’s been since I last mopped. 😉

Well, here’s to sowing the first seeds, fencing the first five metres and to being a few days closer to moving. Not to mention closer to the weekend.  YIPPEE!


One thought on “Another day up at Ballan

  1. narf77 says:

    You certainly won’t be bored over the next few months ;). We just built and planted out 3 garden beds yesterday. We took a hiatus from clearing out overgrown debris and instituted a food futures policy instead :). I agree with the tile choice…get dark rather than light. We were stuck with white tiles in our inherited home until we got so sick and tired of seeing dog hairs (and our dogs are short haired) and dirt etc., thanks to living in the country, that we ripped them up and polished the floorboards…best thing we ever did! The hairs are still there along with the dirt BUT they are harder to see and you can phase them out of your immediate sphere of consideration when you are absolutely dog tired from working outside. I love the town of Anakie and I haven’t even been there! I wonder which bright spark in the planning department named that eh? Probably an aging Billy Bragg fan ;).

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