Today is moving day! Yippee and about time I tell you! Martin is off sourcing a truck and I am supposed to be packing and getting things ready but I’m procrastinating again. I hate packing! But, the main things we need for tonight are ready to go so it isn’t all bad. 🙂

We had a call from the plumber this morning to discuss the installation of the heater. As Martin was following up the heater, it arrived at the shop on the back of a truck! Talk about timing. Even better, it’s to be installed today! Woo hoo! 😀

We got a few bits and pieces moved up yesterday – our bed frame is set up and waiting for a mattress and the kids drawers are up as well as the deep freeze which came up Saturday as my local informal co-op had their organic lamb delivered yesterday. I am looking forward to getting into my kitchen and cooking something but sadly that won’t be for the next couple of days. I really should let John finish tiling first I reckon.

Our chooks and ducks are settling nicely into their new home, although the old pecking order has moved along with the chooks sadly. Higgy, our little black pekin bantam is a vicious little thing and has been pulling out the passing tails of anyone she can reach. Nasty little thing. 😦 Our baby chicks are doing well too. I haven’t killed any of them (to my utter relief) and they are as funny as pie to watch (is pie ever actually funny?). When I put in some oats of chicken crumbles for them they all dive on the tiny ramekin and all want to hop in and have a scratch. I mean, they are small and all but so is the food container so it’s quite a bun fight of tiny fluffies all scratching food all over the place. I’m looking forward to moving them up though as I’m tired of the light shining in our bedroom (the only place we can put them safely is right near our front door, just outside our room). It will be the laundry for the cats and bathroom for the chicks. 🙂

Well, I’d better go get some more stuff sorted before my husband arrives home… Oops… Too late. 😉


3 thoughts on “Today

  1. All the best for the move, how exciting!

  2. Good luck with the BIG MOVE! 😀

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