Ballan Farmers Market busker boy

I was woken this morning by music. Not the music of kids wanting food nor the whinging of kids fighting over whatever they’re fighting over at the time but real music.

Going back a few days, Jasper was extremely helpful with putting away a large portion of the washing I had folded and he did a great job of it too so I told him that he and I would go to the Ballan Farmers Market today together. No Allegra. No Daddy. No Orik. In fact the 3 of them took a trip to Melbourne so it was just the 2 of us. He’s been looking forward to it immensely. Yesterday we unpacked another box of toys. They found in it their ukelele which they call their guitar. Jas came in this morning, walked quietly (or unintentionally tiptoed really) to my side of the bed and started strumming. No discernible tune or chord, just the music of a four year old boy who doesn’t yet realise there’s more to music than an instrument making noise. He announced that he wanted to go and play music to all the people at the market. 🙂 Sweet boy.

He went and shared his brainwave with my husband who mentioned the word money. 😦 Busking. It totally changed the expectations of a little boy who just wanted to share his music to one with expectations of getting paid.
At the market we sought permission and again the work money was mentioned so we dutifully found our spot (after shopping of course), sat in the shade, put out his hat and threw in some shopping change. Then stage fright struck. He didn’t like people watching him play. Still and all he made 70c all up but some of the looks we got made it a little awkward. Some gave me the look of “the kid can’t play why would we pay” and others looked at us like we were crazy but the reality was that my little boy wanted to share a gift. I put the hat and money away fairly quickly and just encouraged him to play but the damage had been done. He kept asking me why people didn’t pay him. 😦



20130112-132742.jpg Playing by ear?

Still, it was a lovely outing with my big boy, topped off by a trip to the op shop where we scored some shorts, a shirt and 2 pairs of boots for Jas and some trousers for Allegra.

We were 50 metres from home before we got the “my legs hurt” whine so a challenge of “I’ll race you” sorted that and now we’ve got the afternoon to enjoy. In the meantime, a nap sounds like the order of the day. 😀


6 thoughts on “Ballan Farmers Market busker boy

  1. narf77 says:

    Sounds like you were at the wrong farmers market. I dare say he would have done well down at Salamanca 🙂

  2. oh little fella, keep sharing that music.

  3. Emma says:

    Aww thats so cute. If I had have visited Ballan markets this month I would have given him a bit of money! I am a ukulele player myself after all!
    Its funny as well that you wrote this because I have been trying to get the permission of the Ballan Farmers Market for me and my boyfriend to busk with our ukuleles there but they never responded. Oh well.

    If your little man ever wants a simple 3 chord lesson, let me know.

    • They were really lovely when we got there. Keep on asking. Have you been down and asked direct? I know a 4yo “busking” is a little different to an adult but unjust asked if they were ok if he played and we were encouraged to go and busk. Might be worth a try just asking at the gate. It’s a great little market and seems to be growing every month. 🙂

    • Oops, I just, not unjust. 🙂

  4. Kylie A. says:

    Good for you Jasper!! The gift of music is truly a beautiful thing

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