Fresh harvested lunch

Lunch was a simple affair here today. Salad, scrambled eggs and some fried polenta from the other night. Yum. The salad however deserves a YUM instead of just a yum. It was so full of flavour that if I had any doubts about the wisdom of growing our own then they are totally allayed by the taste of my lunch. The spinach was fresh, crisp and delicious. The rocket was actually so spicy it burned my tongue a little. The tomatoes, albeit very small, packed a punch well above their weight and the radishes burned my tongue quite badly. Whoo pepper! The only lacklustre vegetable was the capsicums but they weren’t bad.

The eggs were local harvest from Highland Heritage Farm and the olives in the salad were purchased through them too. In fact the only ingredients not organic, biodynamic or local were the milk in the scrambled eggs and the polenta. The salt was also Himalayan rock salt which I don’t create and nor is it local. But it IS good for you. 🙂 The polenta came from Coles cornmeal from the pantry and the milk is just from the supermarket but all in all pretty good I reckon.

I have no photos to share as we scoffed the lot before I thought to take a picture. Sorry.

Our only ripening tomatoes so far are the Tommy toes but there are a few others on the bushes so if the frost holds off… I just need that first blush of colour please. Then I can pick and ripen them inside away from birdy beaks.


14 thoughts on “Fresh harvested lunch

  1. Leiani says:

    Love that you ate it all up before having a thought to take a photo. Sounds like a perfect lunch to me, I always struggle to think of a quick, easy yet nourishing lunch to get us through the afternoon. Salad and eggs is a great idea, and even better if home grown. I’m ready up on no dig gardens in order to get motivated to clear the rubbish out of mine and get planting!

    • Well done Leiani. Please share your progress with us. 🙂
      Yes, I struggle with lunches too, particularly ones the kids will eat. Salad eating was enforced then the egg disappeared. They left most of the polenta but then chucked a tantrum when I took it for the chooks. Meh, you win some lose some.

      • Leiani says:

        Kids are fickle, and entertaining writing material at least! And please, hold me accountable and I might just get the garden and planting done!

        • Blogging is a wonderful form of accountability. I feel a responsibility to be honest with my readers and although semantics can allow things to sound better or worse than they are, it is always the truth, at least as I see it on my blog. I feel a responsibility to tell it how I find it, the failures and the successes and if I say I’m going to do something I most definitely try to.
          Yes, kids are fickle creatures and oft times they are entertaining, although the entertainment might just be how close I came to tearing out my hair some days. 😉

  2. narf77 says:

    Aint home grown great?! ;). The native wildlife certainly thinks so! I have to do my callisthenics today and venture into the tomato beds (heavily fortified from natives as well as me!) to pick some more tomatoes. Not sure what I am going to do with this lot but “do” I will! I love sharing the homegrown love 🙂

    • Start keeping an eye out for a Fowlers Vacola bottling unit my dear penniless hippy friend. A little up front set up cost then an ongoing cost of a few cents a bottle each year (you need new rings each time) and you can eliminate the need to buy canned tomatoes or canned fruit ever again. 🙂

      • narf77 says:

        We don’t eat canned fruit but tomatoes are something we use a lot. I hear you sister! I just have to go to gumtree. There is a terrible juxtaposition here in Tassie at the moment. No-one has a job or money and so everyone is selling things. It’s sad that I might be able to profit from someone else’s misfortune but I figure at least they are getting something for their precious cargo 😦 Mum had a vacola unit that my sister snarfled when she died. My brother got her water tank and because I was too far away for anything really, I insisted on the family gardening book that had been passed from mother to daughter for years. I think I got the best deal 🙂

        • It’s another way to store pasta sauce too requiring no ongoing energy like a freezer and if you have power cuts you’re not totally screwed. 🙂 Hit up eBay and Gumtree and put it out there on Freecycle too. You will never regret getting a Vacola unit I promise you!

          • narf77 says:

            Another way is to dehydrate the pasta sauce and store it like a fruit roll up 🙂

            • Oooo I hadn’t thought of that. I have dehydrated yoghurt though. Kids loved that. 😀

              • narf77 says:

                Dehydrate yoghurt/kefir after putting a swirl (like a spiral going from the outside of the yoghurt layer to the inside (or vis versa, put the yoghurt drizzle going into the centre of the fruit puree background) and use a bamboo stick to make a spiders web (draw it across the 2 mixes gently) and then dehydrate. Kids LOVE them 🙂

                • All that extra effort! 😉
                  If I end up with extra yoghurt, a likelihood once we get the goats, I will indeed dehydrate some. Last time I mixed in mango puree but I might try mixy spirally webby designs next time if I remember. 🙂

  3. Lynda D says:

    Hi Jessie, I tried sending you email from work, not sure if it got through. One of the guys at work asked me if i wanted a rooster because he is going to chop its head off. He is currently in Point Cook and the neighbours are complaining. They are driving out your way Friday as they are looking at property. Apparently it is beautiful but cant tell me breed. If i can get a picture, are you interested.

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