The pending arrival of a baby… Or two.

Yes, we are expecting an addition to the family. Due in around a month I’d say. 😉

No, I am not pregnant. 😛 But as far as birds can be, Miss Mandy appears to be expecting. I caught her and Molly (AKA Moke since we discovered she was a he) climbing out of the pond together, smiling and holding hands like teenagers caught canoodling. Since then she has retreated to her nest and upon seeing an egg there yesterday I left it and this morning there is another (not unusual as she lays daily) but they were both warm as she has been sitting. 😀 How very exciting. I am expecting her to add a few more eggs over the coming week and hopefully in 28 days we will find ourselves ankle deep in small fluffy and yellow ducklings. 🙂 I’m not counting our chickens before they hatch however as the eggs may be duds or she may not sit it out but I intend to encourage her to do so.

Being guarded by our fierce (she really is) pekin bantam, Okku and Honey too. They've been guarding her all day.

Being guarded by our fierce (she really is) pekin bantam, Okku and Honey too. They’ve been guarding her all day.

I’m also not sure how we will go with the whole thing as Mandy is the least tame of our trio. She’s not a fan of people in general although copes better with Martin so he may end up playing midwife and obstetrician to her. 😉

Okku is watching me whilst Mandy responds to my praise

Okku is watching me whilst Mandy responds to my praise

I will keep you updated on it all. I think I might change the countdown timer to count down the 28 days until expected hatching. Some rading I’ve done also indicates that she’s probably been laying fertile eggs for a while and turns out they will lay them and when they’ve laid them all, begin sitting. Once the eggs are warmed up then they begin to develop. I rang my friend from Cheeky Chookies who said that she knew one lady who had some fertile eggs in the fridge which when warmed up and sat upon by the hen, actually hatched! Eggs out of fridge and warming to room temperature as we speak! Nothing to lose. 😀 Cross your fingers for us. 🙂

Beautiful duck

Beautiful duck


15 thoughts on “The pending arrival of a baby… Or two.

  1. LyndaD says:

    Gosh, how exciting. This will be worth waiting for. You have a pond?

    • No we don’t have a pond sadly but we have a small blue clam shell pool and a half wine barrel which serves them well enough until I get my hands on another bathtub (to which I can add plumbing and use their dirty water to fertilise the gardens easier than bucketing the foul stuff out). Milly/Milton and Molly/Moke usually stick to the clamshell pool as they’re too big to fit the wine barrel so I KNEW something was strange when I saw Molly/Moke climb out and then to see Mandy was underneath… 😉
      I am already counting down the days. 🙂

      • LyndaD says:

        Handy things those clam shells – Tom is now 16 but his clam shell is now the dogs swimming pool. I could always keep my eye out for another..

        • Thanks for the offer. 🙂 They’re not really big enough for the ducks, hence the bathtub. If you could see the size of Milly/Milton you’d totally understand. He’s about the size of a medium dog! lol

  2. What an exciting adventure. I cat wait to our chickens to become broody so we can put sod fertilized eggs under them!

  3. Linne says:

    I was a little bit concerned at your reference to ‘midwife-obstetrician’. You probably know this (and if so, please disregard), but it’s really important NOT to help the babies out of the eggs to save them the struggle. This can cause them to die! They need the struggle to break the shell in order to get their systems going properly. Pretty much the way birthing starts our babies’ systems. Anyway, I just wasn’t sure if you already know this or not, so am erring on the side of caution.

    It IS exciting, isn’t it? How many eggs is she sitting on (now that you’ve returned to her the ones you pilfered and put into the fridge? 🙂

    • I think there’s about 10. And yes, I know not to touch unless the struggle has been going on too long in which case they’re likely to die anyway and it’s a calculated risk. Any midwifery on our part will be what midwifery really should only ever be. Hands off until needed. 🙂 Just like my wonderful midwives birthing Orik. They sat and watched and never intervened. 🙂

      • Linne says:

        Your midwives sound perfect! Glad you have that attitude to birthing; I grew up in a world where interference was the rule and am glad to have seen it change.

        • They were at Orik’s birth. They were interfering and without permission too at Allegra’s, hence the reason we chose a homebirth. I’ll have to email you and tell you about that. Sounds like you might be a birth junkie too. 😉

  4. narf77 says:

    We have been handing out fridge eggs (some have been in the fridge for weeks!) to friends with clucky chooks and just about all of them hatch every time :). You just have to make sure that you leave them somewhere overnight that they won’t get moved around or jostled and then carefully place them under the clucky chook/duck/turkey/ostrich/crocodile the next morning. Let me know when you are attempting this with the crocodile by the way ;). Well done on the ducky thing. I wish I could give you our poor long suffering lonely ducky as she isn’t all that happy in our chook run and spends most of her days mournfully quacking for her lost sister and for her pond that she can no longer reach :(. Not sure what to do with her as she has stopped laying eggs and is just sad :(. I might have to find her a new home I think with other ducks where she will be safe :).

    • Which breed is your lonely duck? I think most ducks NEED water for more than just drinking so she might need a thoroughly good swim. Even one of those half clam shells is enough.
      Mandy has so far rejected 4 of the eggs so I’m hoping she doesn’t boot any more. She’s so funny when we go out there though. We can’t get even remotely close to her without her rolling her eyes at us and if we “threaten” her in any way she makes a most distressed noise. Martin came in the other day and said “Mandy barked at me” and that’s as good a description as any. lol

      • narf77 says:

        She is a brown and white stripy duck and she baths in one of the bigger water bowls every day ;). I just feel so sorry for her. We only took 2 of them to save them from the pot when their owners discovered that their ducks (both siblings) were male and female and they had to get rid of the babies. Her sister disappeared last year and she has been quacking for her ever since :(. I would just love to find her a nice home with more ducks. I might start looking when I get back home from my daughters (leaving this morning 🙂 ) Barking is a good representation isn’t it! 🙂

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