A good day to hunker down inside

We have the sickness. 😦 Nothing serious, just kids with colds but for anyone out there who is a parent or looks after small children you will understand what small children with snot involves. I once heard Bill Cosby describe a child with a cold as a glazed doughnut and so far I’ve found that to be 100% true. A glazed doughnut that wants to be up close and personal with you, who wipes their glaze on you, wants kisses and snuggles and doesn’t sleep.

Yes, we have 3 sick kids. They’re sick enough that we’re not going anywhere as they will be infectious and shunned like snotty little lepers but they’re also not sick enough that I can bung them in bed to sleep it off. They’re uncomfortable with sore noses that need near constant wiping (and they have been incredibly patient with it too I must say), sick enough to be sensitive to everything and off their food but not sick enough to keep them from bickering. It’s fun. 😦 They’re definitely not sick enough to just fall into miserable unconsciousness at night either. Sleep is the great healer of colds but if we’re waiting for sleep to heal them we will be here all year. Orik was up and down like a yoyo and content only when snuggled in bed all night with us (he loves to sleep sideways unfortunately with his feet on my side and he kicks like a fiend). Jas woke several times with night terrors (similar state of dreaming to sleep walking but child simply screams blue murder for 20-45 minutes) and then couldn’t get back to sleep and Allegra is a little croupy with her cold too and had lost whichever toy she took to bed last night at some awful hour. Martin and I managed to sleep maybe 3-4 hours each, never in stretches of more than an hour and usually around 15 minute stretches only. I don’t drink coffee and never ever instant but I am seriously contemplating it today. *yawn*

iPhones don't capture the colour too well. Red sky in the morning eventuated to nothing thankfully.

iPhones don’t capture the colour too well. Red sky in the morning eventuated to nothing thankfully.

And the weather is kind of revolting too. Yesterday started off with quite a frost that lingered in the shade until after 10:30am but warmed up enough to throw Jasper and Allegra out into the glorious solar spill but today they would be blown to the other end of town should I try. It’s well gusty! So, in my mind, with a cool day, sick kids and gale force winds it’s a good day to stay inside near the fire.

I made playdough on Wednesday and added in lavender oil as an extra sensory element and it has made all the difference. They kids played calmly and quietly with the playdough for 2 hours! BLISS! I will be breaking the playdough out again today I think. The lavender is antiseptic so it can only help with killing off the snotty germs, it’s calming which is a great thing with sensitive sick kids and it smells really lovely so I can just enjoy the smell. 🙂

I also made up what I’ve dubbed “cold medicine” from a recipe a friend gave me some time back. It uses elderberries, cloves, fresh ginger, cinnamon and raw honey and I must admit it tastes sensational. I love being the mum that says “medicine time” and I have 3 children literally trying to climb me for their dose! It’s natural, healthy, delicious and thumbs the nose at big pharma too so it ticks all my boxes. I just simmered 1 cup of elderberries with a stick of cinnamon, 5 or 6 cloves, 2 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger and 2 cups of water until the liquid has reduced by half. Once cooled, stir in the honey until it’s dissolved and I dose about 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. It keeps in the fridge for about a month. The ingredients are all natural and immuno boosting, antibacterial or antiseptic and it also means I can make it at home.*

This little fellow has been after the barley I sprout for the chooks. His mate drowned in the oats bucket last week. The chooks had a go at pinning this fellow down but they were most surprosed when their grain wriggled then bolted across the pen (and yes, chooks are omnivores).

This little fellow has been after the barley I sprout for the chooks. His mate drowned in the oats bucket last week.

My other secret ingredient today is a download of some Peppa Pigs too. I don’t like the “TV” (we don’t have our TV connected, just he iPad or laptops) being on all day but when kids are sick I count it as part of the medicine. It’s the mummy part of the medicine. 😉

Well, time for that playdough I think.

Ok, an update as it’s midnight and I am yet to post. Internet went down around 9am and didn’t return until well after 8pm so Peppa Pig never completed downloading and subsequently jammed up and wouldn’t work. I’ve also had a miserable Jasper with a sore throat who has blessedly done what’s best and slept most of the day away as has Orik (my poor sick boys) and Allegra, also sick but being a drama queen just like her mother when sick, imperiously demanding to be nursed back to health with “bezimite on toase”. It’s been an interesting day. 😉

An experiment in fencing.

An experiment in fencing. More to come on this.

Martin being ofFENC(E)ive.

Martin being ofFENC(E)ive.

*I would like to say that I am not a medical professional and this recipe was not given to me by a medical professional either. I am not responsible for the outcome or usage of this home remedy. If you have concerns for your health please seek the advice of a professional.

15 thoughts on “A good day to hunker down inside

  1. narf77 says:

    Orik is Earl personified and Poor Jas 😦 He appears to have inherited his mums nature. While it’s horrible to be so imaginative at an early age you do end up with a decided advantage (after you learn that the scary things tend to inhabit other continents…) in being able to “feel” so much more. There are flip sides to everything ;). You have to give that mouse credit…he is cornered…trapped in a bucket with no out and STILL he is scarfing…Hee-hee! You should give a prize (some of that lavender playdough?) to whoever gives Martin’s photo the best caption…here’s my effort…”One more woman…ONE MORE and these poles are doing where the sun don’t shine!”

  2. I’m in a cold right now too. After 2 bee stings and an ant bite last weekend my immune system is shot and now I’ve got the runny nose and sandpaper throat. I wish I had some elderberries so I could try your remedy. I generally make a tea that’s pretty similar.

    • Send out the troops and procure thee some berries! Or flowers if the berries aren’t available. Olive leaf extract is another immune booster (get the peppermint flavoured stuff as the plain stuff is vile tasting), lots and lots of water and sleep too. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
      As for your sore throat, do you trust me? 😉 Chop up an onion (like you would for spag bol) and put the nion in a cup with 2 tbsp of raw honey (or just plain honey or even sugar) and leave it for the juices to form. Take some of the syrup. It’s a great cough syrup but also does the same for sore throats as for coughs. It’s antibacterial and the reason I asked if you trust me is about the taste. I know it sounds vile but it’s truly not that bad. It sort of tastes like caramelised onions but with a raw edge. It’s not unpleasant though I promise. 🙂

      • I once read quite a comprehensive (read: lost me a little in the detailed chemistry equations) article on the benefits of raw onion and respiratory dis-ease. I think onion is a very under-rated super food. It is unfortunate that it is so pungent. I hope ALL of you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than a continual dripping nose, especially for the kids. Rip up one of those really old, lovely super soft bed sheets into a gazillion hankies.

    • As for your insect bites, send in the chooks as revenge on the bugs. 😉 ouch. 😦

  3. LyndaD says:

    I want you to shower is disinfectant before you get in my car tomorrow, OK. Just joshing. I dont tend to get ill very often. I’ll look around for some old kid dvd’s, im sure there are some in cupboards. The fence is full of character, like you two. I hope the poles are buried deep. Never mind, ill check it out tomorrow and give it my expert opinion. HA HA. I need you to make me up a little batch to bring home tomorrow. If is taste good then Tom might have it. He has cold too but wont take medicine. Big Sooky Boy.

    • Bring up a small bottle and I”ll fill it with some of ours. We rarely get sick and it probably won’t last til next time.
      The fence got pulled down today but don’t worry, it will be rebuilt.
      As for disinfectant, don’t worry, I will! For my sake! 😉 Anyone else who benefits is an added bonus. 😛
      As for DVD’s, thanks for the kind offer but we don’t actually have the TV or DVD player set up and we have a terrabite drive of films and such. They’re set. 🙂

  4. LyndaD says:

    What is wrong with my typing. “If is taste good???” You know what i mean.

  5. Katherine says:

    Where did you get the elderberries from? We don’t usually ever get sick (probably because we homeschool???) BUT I love a good old fashioned recipe and I love saying “damn the man” to the big companies too 😛 I hope you guys are all better VERY soon! Thanks for always inspiring me too! We are in the Yarra Valley and dream of more land to be wild and free! haha

    • Hi Katherine. A friend actually bought the bag which we split between us so I’m not actually sure where she purchased. I have however bought berbs (not elderberry though) from http://www.herbcottage.com.au/ and they’ve been great.
      The Yarra Valley is beautiful. I grew up in the Heidelberg region and went to school in Eltham so I’ve spend much time out there over the years.
      We are all doing better. The kids are all still snotty but they’re all much happier which makes it easier at least. The medicine continues to go down like something Mary Poppins would spoon into one. 🙂
      As for homeschooling I would LOVE to pick your brains if I may as this is something I am very interested in. 😀

      • Katherine says:

        Just came back to see if you replied to this and you had so thank you! Feel free to pick my brain anytime! I can swap my info for your info! haha!

        Before I continue though I must let you know that I do not replicate school in any way. I am not some complete hippy (I would say I am medium to low hippy haha) that does nothing BUT in comparison to a lot they might say I am “unschooling” which is not true.

        We are real life teachers I guess AND I am super busy so a lot of learning happens as we go or “in conjunction with….” as there is 1 of me and 6 of them I am quite out numbered!

        I look forward to getting my thermomix very soon to help me out a bit!

        Thanks again for answering me and giving me that link!

        I really appreciate it and am thrilled that you got a night off the kiddies! 🙂

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