We are pleased to announce the arrival…


See, the egg does come…


…Before the chicken.

…Of Star.

Blackie, our silkie hen who is, well, surprisingly black, started sitting eggs a few weeks ago. She didn’t like being moved to the smaller cage though and deserted her eggs. She wasn’t over the concept of motherhood though as she started sitting on the eggs left in the nest by other hens, and being curious as to how she would go, we left her to it. She sat on 2.


Fast forward to today. It is 21 days later, not that we knew that this morning as I hadn’t marked down the date when she began to sit, so we’ve been having a peep under her soft breast once a day to see if we could get a gauge. I candled the eggs about 10 days back and was very excited to see they were both fertile and one even obliged by wriggling inside the egg. Imagine the excitement. 😀 Well this morning as I went out to the chooks to gather any eggs I could hear a curious noise. Peep. Peep. Peep peep. Peep. Clueless me thought it maybe beginning to hatch as I’d heard that they begin to make noise inside the egg just as they start hatching. Imagine my surprise upon gently lifting Blackie to find a completely dry and very fluffy, rather small black baby chick. Blackie gave me a withering look of, ’it’s already out silly’ and then graciously and with humble pride, allowed me to pick up and photograph her pride and joy. 🙂


I am pretty convinced the father is Black Boy our rather noisy and randy rooster (as opposed to the other rooster that was mature a few weeks back who is no less randy but not top cock like Black Boy) but in the bizarre twist that cannot occur with mammals, I am unsure as to who is the mother. Given the tiny size of the chick I suspect it might be Mrs Silverpants (now deceased) who laid it but it may also be one of our Henny Penny’s (Dorking hens) of which there are 3 standard coloured and 1 black one. I was sure Blackie was not the natural mother as I think she’s the hen laying the diminutive brown eggs of which we’ve seen none since she began to sit but who knows. There are 5 feasible mothers but Blackie has well and truly claimed Star (as named by Jasper) as her own.


She’s making an excellent mother too. She’s now safely ensconced in the smaller enclosed pen to keep food and water safe from the other gutses and also to keep the baby safe from its less than caring relations, and after quickly shoveling down some food she is back snuggled down on Star and the other egg. I’m hoping for the second hatch today or tomorrow.


Our first baby born here. 🙂

IMG_6127Sorry for the over exposed photos but the day is rather overcast and the hen is black. Overexposure was the only way to make a black chick on a black hen in a dark location visible. Photographer I am not.


9 thoughts on “We are pleased to announce the arrival…

  1. ingridlee@bigpond.com says:

    How gorgeous!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Aw, that is very cute 🙂 🙂

  3. Linne says:

    Congratulations! and I wish you many more offspring, too . . . Such a lovely chick, isn’t it? I’ve always liked the Silkies, too. Will be interesting to see what breed Star turns out to be, won’t it?

    • I used to think Silkies were just plain old ridiculous and not a real chicken at all but I am totally in love with their little fluffy butts and silly hair styles now. It was seeing them in the rain that did it. They go all 80’s punk hair do then and that was the end of that. I love them! Oh, and the fact that they don’t terrorise my veggie garden, always try and escape or beat up the other chooks are all endearing characteristics too.

  4. The Life of Clare says:

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! That’s so exciting.

  5. narf77 says:

    Do you have any speckled hens? Plymouth rocks? That baby looks a whole lot like Pingu did when she was born :). If not, NO idea! ;).

  6. LyndaD says:

    Congratulations Earth Mother. Your first birth and where were you – in bed, that’s right. Goodness, you are going to have to improve. Only joking. Too much interferance only causes trouble.

    • We keep peeping in to make sure all is well. Looks like one of the chicks may have taken a tumble down stairs as Blackie was sitting down under the ramp (exactly where a chick would have tumbled out) so we moved her back up. She’s eating and drinking and the chicks can reach the crumbles and water too but we’ve not seen them eat or drink as yet. I’m sure Mumma is guiding them. The 2nd chick is still not so good on its legs so I’m a little concerned something is not quite right but it’s alive and I’m happy with that for now. 🙂
      Mandy is sitting on 5 eggs and was also on a chooks egg but Honey has been consistently sitting so rather than let the egg go to waste I stuck it under Honey. I just hope she sees out her term. 19 days to go for Honey and about 31 or 32 for Mandy. You’d think it was spring with all the new life in our chook pen. 🙂 I just hope they don’t get too cold.

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