100% hatch rate but all is not well

The second egg hatched during the night. This morning though I’ve found the second chick cold and nearly dead so we’ve brought it in to see if we can save it. So far it’s chirping more and even fluffing up slightly but still not great. I’ll keep you posted.



9 thoughts on “100% hatch rate but all is not well

  1. narf77 says:

    Do you have an infrared light? We found Pingu next to dead back when she was a chick and now she is one of the flock and lays us an egg every 2 days. Fingers crossed for this little baby.

    • No infrared but we had a hot light with a 100w incandescent lamp and although I had to peg it to make this soap course on time (with 2 minutes to spare) I rang a bit later to hear Tenacity (I had to name the chick) chirping in the background. It’s now back with mum although not walking terribly well so it’s a bit of a runt I think. It is however, fuzzy, fluffy, with mum and most of all, alive. 🙂

  2. Linne says:

    Mine are crossed, too. I never dealt with this myself, but I know that a shoebox with cotton somewhere near the stove (warm, but not hot, of course) can work, also a cage with a cardboard box to keep out drafts and a regular lightbulb, if you don’t have the infrared one. Best of luck to you and the chickie.

    • Thanks Linne. I’ve had day olds, dealt with sick chicks and had the incandescent globes, they had stopped working so it was a mad scramble to find something. Otherwise, lil chicky was coming to class with me snuggled somewhere safe and warm. 😉

  3. Sending best wishes for your chick number 2.

  4. Good luck with your little chick, the photo brings out the tenderness in us

  5. LyndaD says:

    I dont know who, but someone in my past use to hatch chicks in between her boobs. Nestled in a warm enclosed place. I think it was my sister. Good effort with recovery. Waiting for update.

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