Ripe Near Me

I haven’t all that much to write about this weekend. We got our wood lean-to (it would be insulting to sheds to call this a shed 😉 ) built using only purchased concrete. The uprights are from wood Martin harvested during wood harvesting season, the cross beams recycled from the old subdivision fence we demolished when we moved in. The iron on the roof we had purchased some time back from my uncle and came from his old shed. The tech screws we already had. The sides of the shed are fence palings also from the subdivision fence and to line the base we used an old roll of insulation paper (the silver and blue stuff they use inside walls of houses) which is not in any condition to use elsewhere. It’s a lopsided affair with all sorts of angles incorporated into it and looks much like the “Young Einstein” house they used to have back int he 90’s in Movie World on the Gold Coast. However, it is doing what it needs to and keeping our wood dry. It’s also providing temporary shelter for poor Trevor the tractor who has spent some time of late hiding under tarpaulins or large tarpaulin bags in order to stay dry. The shed works much better. It’s facing open to the east which isn’t much of an issue as we’ve only seen weather coming in once from the east. Mostly though it will allow some sun to shine in and continue to dry the wood which will be for burning next year. I’m considering it a belated birthday gift to my husband. Yes, I built most of it. 🙂 I have no photos though I’m sorry. We were in a rush to get it finished before the rains came. We made it in time thank goodness. 🙂
Today was spent catching up on all the washing I’ve been studiously ignoring all week (or two) and dismantling the cot which is now surplus to requirements. My baby is sleeping in a big boy bed now. 😦 On the bright side I get his old bedroom for my own purposes as Orik is sharing a room with his big brother now. 🙂
Martin spent the day helping friends work on their house. They’re owner builders and coming close to the date they get their final inspection done and they are also coming close to the necessary work being completed. He’s out there now in the cold though chopping wood to ensure the warmth of our family for the rest of the week. Thanks Martin. 🙂

The only other thing I have to report is this awesome website I found through a blog I read called Suburban Jubilee. In it she shares this link about Ripe Near Me which allows growers to list any food they have grown in their gardens that is surplus to requirements. It can be listed as growing or as ripe and you can pick your own straight from the garden, rather than off the shelf. Chances are most of the food is organic too. 🙂 Growers can charge a price, likely less than organically grown foods in supermarkets or grocers or opt to give it away free. It also allows people to become more local eaters . Does it get better than this? 😀 Seriously, check it out! 🙂


Well, time for bed for this hippy. Sleep well all.

5 thoughts on “Ripe Near Me

  1. Thanks for spreading the word about “Ripe Near Me”. I would love to see people taking a local stand for better food options. No more waste and better nutrition with less chemicals, my dream!

  2. Dear Jessie, I really enjoyed reading your post today, it’s always interesting reading about your life down in Victoria. Thank you for the link to Suburban Jubilee blog. I’m looking forward to following it.

  3. Lynda says:

    Is there no end to your skills, shed building! Thanks for link, will check it out. Orik’s old room would make great storage, something i know you are short of. Floor to sealing racking with boxes.

  4. narf77 says:

    Excellent idea that “Ripe by me” site. We have one that catalogues where the wild fruit trees are and fruit trees that are out in the sticks living like ferals which Tassie has a lot of but nothing like the Ripe by me idea which is indeed a great one. Glad to see you are moving forwards and life is settling into a degree of normalcy :)Sorry about the spelling, spellcheck is on strike! 😉

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