Father’s Day

The Pint Sized Permies

Martin, if you are reading this then…

DON’T! 😉


I learned something this morning. Father’s Day in the UK, Canada and the USA all falls on a different date than Australia. Mother’s Day is different too I believe. Here in Australia, Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday in September. This year that is September 1st. 13 days away. Eek!

So, what to get for the most awesome father I know that is also in line with eco principles and anti-consumerism too. Well the obvious place to start is home made or second hand. Not helping much. Home made for me means something the KIDS make for their daddy. After all, Martin isn’t MY father and he doesn’t want a gift I’ve made for the kids to give him. Nor does he want something bought from a shop just to satisfy society’s demand we give him a gift.


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