Saturday in the sunshine

The weather has been rather pleasant these last 3 or so days of Winter. I had to keep reminding myself that today was indeed still Winter. It felt more like we should have been in England enjoying their last day of Summer. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t exactly say it was hot, although with my thick Winter blood it sure felt hot, but 20 degrees is a perfectly respectable temperature for August 31st… In England! Not in Victoria Australia. Hello climate. Hey there Gaia. It is still officially WINTER!

Mind you I am not complaining (well I might be if I got sunburned but I think I’m still glow in the dark white πŸ˜‰ ) as today was a perfect day for mega doses of vitamin D. With 3 kids in various states of undress and me stripped down for action in a singlet top we all had plenty of skin exposed for absorbing that wonderful sun. And with UV levels in the moderate range it wasn’t too risky either. πŸ™‚

I had a look at the thermometre in the greenhouse today too. I have spuds growing in there, my asparagus seeds are over 2 inches high, my Brassica’s are thriving (beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflowers) and I have daisy and woodworm cuttings going well too so I know the temperate conditions are aiding and abetting their Β vibrant green growth. But today, with 20C balmy degrees outside it was a rather toasty 40C inside. Yep, my greenhouse sucks keeping out the cold (a mere 2C difference to the -7C outside on our coldest morning) but it rocks at keeping in the heat! I know I saw it at 53C one day when I was a little slow to get out and open the vents and doors one Summer’s day but even I was surprised at 40C in there today. My plants are loving it! πŸ˜€

We achieved today too. The veggie garden is looking much clearer now with a haircut from Martin armed with a whipper-snipper and hopefully the mower is working so we can give it the number 2 cut it needs. Trevor our little tractor (so named by the kids as Trevor the traction engine on Thomas is the same shade of green) doesn’t fit through the gates sadly. I think I need wire frames on the garden beds and a sheep. πŸ˜‰ I also built my raised garden bed for my blueberries which have started to shoot their leaves in their tiny little pots. Time to get them home. The bed is out the front and will next season also house or sit beside some cranberry bushes – both are acid loving plants – and I am thinking I will build another bed in such a way as to frame a footpath for visitors. The bed is in and hopefully acidic enough. I must find my pH testing kit to confirm. Blueberries like their soil around 5.5pH I believe so I plan to mulch the bed in pine needles gathered from the pines across the creek. Nice and acidic for them. πŸ™‚

I also picked up the old fencing poles which were lying untidily and now in the way of mowing and stood them up beside the wood lean-to (it doesn’t deserve the moniker of shed or even shack) as the plan is to tidy up the garden sufficiently to actually mow it all. πŸ™‚ Hopefully tomorrow we can get some wood in the lean-to as well. We are planning to set up a chainsaw station for Martin to load with logs, saw, load into the trailer and then haul around to stack in the shed. I NEED the space that they currently occupy for planting my bare rooted apples and pears. πŸ˜€ I also need to find a home for my elder tree, build an asparagus bed to plant out the asparagus I have grown from seed as well as the purple purchased one and plant out my strawberries and raspberries. They both have beds built but they do need soil in/on them.I think the strawberries will be in luck as we have little soil to spare and I only have 2 strawberry plants at the moment. I think we might need to start with pulling up all the inefficient and no longer wanted weed matting laid by the previous owner. Sadly there is an awful lot of it but it all needs to be moved to allow for trees. It appears to be all sorts of crap laid down there – lino, carpet, tarpaulin and who knows what else. It shall be fun tomorrow. 😦 At least we may be able to relocate the gravel into the driveway to fill up the small pondΒ pigs mud wallow large muddy puddle at the entry to our drive. Β Thank goodness we have 4×4 is all I can say or we would have been bogged for sure.

The kids have had a blast today too. Nudity appeals greatly to my kids and although they weren’t entirely in the buff there was enough skin bared to appeal to them. πŸ˜‰ They have run around the garden, bounced on theΒ trampoline, gathered mown grass to chuck in the chooks pen and Jas even helped out with the blueberry bed build and soil digging too. He was rewarded by finding one of his toy cars buried there. lol Β πŸ˜€ With chicken, cheese and spring onion stuffed bread rolls for lunch followed by apple cinnamon scrolls they are indeed happy campers. Here’s hoping they’re tired ones too and sleep through the night. Jas most likely will. He put himself to bed at a rather early hour so I’m guessing he is one tired little helper. πŸ™‚

Well, I have no photos to share I’m afraid but with another morning and early afternoon planned in the garden I will endeavour to take heaps tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all the Aussie (and anyone else who celebrates Father’s Day tomorrow) Dad’s out there.


4 thoughts on “Saturday in the sunshine

  1. LyndaD says:

    Happy Fathers Day to Martin. Sounds like a great day and yes, this morning i pulled a chair into the sun for a dose of Vit D in the gentle morning sun with a breeze. I fell asleep. :O

    Hey, its the first day of Spring! I need to get going with planting too.

    Off for a drive to Torquay!. Sun, sea and a breeze. Lovely.

  2. narf77 says:

    An excellent bright sunny post :). Glad the hoppers are nuding up for the spring and that you are thinking about where to put all of your plants. Can’t wait to see some photos. It’s still mud all round here and our veggie garden is squeezy with the stuff. Steve and I are going to get stuck in anyway but we can’t sink the 4 poles that we need to put in the middle to support the heavy fishnet we are going to use for the top of it yet as the holes would just fill with oozing mud :(. Bezial has been eating my garlic (strange dog) and aside from garlic, spinach and silverbeet there isn’t much going on in our gardens yet but we have 2 weeks off and who knows what we will have accomplished by the end of it. We are planning a mass tree invasion on Serendipity Farm along with a veggie garden sort so fingers crossed we get there πŸ™‚

    • We have our fair share of mud here too. Thick clay that sticks like glue. Thankfully most of it has dried hard bake in the last few days of sunshine although I am yet to venture out to see what “damage” last nights rain caused to the hard pan. πŸ˜‰

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