I must be baa-my!

Maybe baarking up the wrong tree. 🙂

My house is bedlamb. 😛

Have ewe guessed it yet or is the wool still over your eyes. 😉

I’m not fleecing you I promise. 😛

I wonder wether you realise yet what I’m talking about. 😀

Ok, now I feel a little sheepish after all my seriously pathetic jokes and I don’t want to ram them down your throats (I could NOT resist just one more) but we have just picked up…


… Drumroll…

2 lambs. 😀

Did you see them in the background there with Miss Anna?


We have a fair bit of grass about these days thanks to actually receiving rain along with a few nice warm days and with snake season about to open, Trevor unreliable and the push mower out of action we figured we’d get a couple of lawn mowers to help keep the grass down and, when the grass runs out and they are of sufficient size we will have ethically raised, pasture fed and ethically slaughtered lamb for the freezer.

I know that’s not for everyone and it’s not been an easy decision for us either but we feel it’s the right one at this time. It won’t be easy when it comes to D-day either but I feel that it’s our responsibility to deal with the less pleasant side of eating meat if we are to continue to do so.

So, our 2 ewe lambs are home, in with Miss Anna and lined up with hay, oaten straw, some oats and water, just to settle down after their trip. I plan to let them loose on the grass this weekend (can’t be soon enough given the warm weather today :() We are also hoping to take Miss Anna across the creek after she’s had her breakfast and to let her have a munch through the poplar saplings, hawthorns, gorse and blackberries too.


It does feel like it’s coming together. 🙂

Oh, and they’re just a standard meat/fleece sheep. Merino x Leicester. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

16 thoughts on “I must be baa-my!

  1. LyndaD says:

    Looking forward to a BAAAAAABQ of lamb chops. You raise em, ill eat em.

  2. Jo says:

    Oh, you are all just hilarious! You know you could put a sign up and charge admission to your very own petting zoo for a little extra cash…

  3. Linne says:

    Lucky ewe!! And what a yarn you tell . . . 😉
    I love lamb and it’s hard to find here in the soon to be frozen north, so I will be thinking of ewe once lambie pie is on the menu . . . shoulder chops and roasts with garlic and rosemary embedded in tiny slits . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    In the meantime, edible lawnmowers . . . as my skater kid would say, “that’s so baaaaaddd!”

    • You’re worse than me with the puns!
      Yes, I know lamb is less common in America and Canada as a friend from the USA demands a lamb roast and pumpkin soup whenever he visits. 🙂 It’s a rare treat for him. It is a shame that lamb is less common there as it is a more frugal meat as far as feed conversion and space taken up and lambs are rarely raised in CAFO’s (from what I hear) which means they are better for the environment and a healthier meat. I also prefer lamb to beef any day, particularly filled with garlic and rosemary as you say, 🙂 with mint sauce (growing my own mint too) or gravy, roasted spuds (growing my own) roast pumpkin (growing my own) and beans (also growing my own). Looks like I might have a meal completely from my garden on the way. 😀

  4. Woot! How exciting! I wish we had grass, so I could justify getting a lamb…. mmm…. lamb….. we love lamb 😉
    TOTALLY with you on raising your own meat front. Let me know how dispatch day goes, when the time comes. Nath is sad because I just promised our meaty boer doe kid to a friend who wants to get into goat keeping, so it will be a while longer before we have home raised goat in the freezer. Oh well!

    • also, I notice you are moderating comments now – have you had nasty trolls?

    • Oh, poor Nath! 😦 You might need to check n gumtree and see if someone has some wethers for sale – you could buy one now and raise to meaty maturity. 🙂 Nath might be forgiving then. 😉
      We won’t dispatch the lambs ourselves but I hope to get them butchered here to save them the stress of transport.
      They’re settling in well now although they aren’t friendly in the slightest. We let them out to roam the garden and they did look so lovely munching the grass. 🙂 They had us a little worried last night with their baa-ing but I think they just missed mum, were hungry (I guess they’re used to grass, not grains and hay) and confused and probably still upset from being transported but they’ve been as good as gold today. 🙂

  5. […] may remember back in October when we picked up our lambs, intending to use their lawn mowing services until the time came to process them for meat. Well, […]

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