Don’t tax the sun!

Yes, they want to tax those who have solar panels as they apparently are causing the price of electricity to go up! It’s absolute hogwash. Electricity companies pay about 8c for electricity that we then buy back at 30c so not sure how that works at all. It’s just more shifting the blame and hiding the true cause of rising electricity prices (fossil fuel prices are rising as they become harder to extract).

Check out this link and please sign the petition.


5 thoughts on “Don’t tax the sun!

  1. Jo says:

    Did it! Outrageous. It’s not like solar users don’t pay a charge for upkeep of the power system, it’s still there on the bill, even if it is covered by solar credits.

  2. This infuriates me. It just goes to show the disdain from big business and government of the environment.

    As you’re aware, I’m in the process of buying rural land. All councils alike require that if reticulated services (water, electricity, waste) are available you use them. This makes my project far more expensive and environmentally conscious than it has to be. Hence, my preference is for an unserviced block.

    • Pavel, I thank you from the bottom of your heart for that piece of information! I did not know that although a friend did tell me that she knew someone off grid and when the water pipes went past their property, even despite the fact they were not connected, they had to pay a service charge for having it there. Utter bureaucratic bollox in my not so humble little opinion. 😦 If ever we upgrade to more land and being off grid I can see it is either all or nothing with the councils. Fine by me!

  3. narf77 says:

    Councils, big business and government agencies are looking more and more like the Sheriff of Nottinham to this little black duck…first you have to buy the solar set-up with very little help to do so even though by their (now defunct) hands on active promotion of the technology, the process and their desire to get everyone to hook up in the not too distant past would have us all believe that they were actively behind said solar roll out they want to get their greedy (liberal) fingers back into the pie that the little man has had to pay for predominately himself…not only that, but they have the cheek to keep paying a pittance for their greedy slice of the action that they then sell off for a profit (can anyone say MIDDLE BLOODY MAN!). A big fat “bollocks” from narf7 the bolshie reprobate and a great big thinking cap moment to ensure that future energy producing ventures on Serendipity Farm are completely off grid.

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