Breakfast from the garden

Bandicooted spuds fresh from the greenhouse garden, nasturtium leaves and flowers, dandelion greens and flowers (weeds), rainbow chard, oregano, radishes, spring onions, mint and leeks, all from my garden!

IMG_7553The leeks were a bit woody sadly but I used what we could, the rest was all diced up small (aside from the spuds and mint), added 4 of the eggs from the day before, some milk, salt and pepper (3 of the 4 imported ingredients) and made scrambled eggs.

Love the yellow of the eggs, even with the milk mixed in.

Love the yellow of the eggs, even with the milk mixed in.

Add a little colour...

Add a little colour…

The spuds were boiled up whole, tipped into a bowl with a little olive oil (the other imported ingredient) and the mint was thrown in whole on top, covered with a towel and left to steam away to itself.

It was all served up and even Jasper said it was “deee-LICIOUS!” 😀

Tastes better than it looks!

Tasted better than it looked.

Nothing fresher than breakfast that was growing a mere 30 minutes before. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Breakfast from the garden

  1. Mmmm, looks good too 🙂

  2. Linne says:

    Lucky I don’t live down the road; I’d be ‘dropping by’ at mealtime quite regularly, I think . . . I’d forgotten that dandelion flowers are edible (I know you can make wine from them); that looks scrumptious!! ~ Linne

  3. Linne says:

    Forgot to add: I love trays (don’t ask how many I have) and baskets (get that from my Mum; we’ve both made them; she’s made many more than I have, but we still have supplies to make more when time and space permit). Anyway, I meant to say I love your red tray and your wee round basket . . . lovely!! ~ Linne

  4. Lynda says:

    I agree Linne, she is lucky that she is just that bit too far away to just pop in. Imagine what state we’d find her in. Im a platter girl myself. Heaps of platters to serve to many. Im more likely to serve a meal on a platter than to serve individual plates. Nothing like a cooked breaky. Mine sadly consist of a coffee in the car.

    • Linne says:

      Lynda, we should all pop in! We could help harvest, cook, clean up, amuse the kiddies and watch them amuse us! Think what fun it would be (and what chaos!!) . . . I like your platter idea; sounds like a buffet to me . . . I’m all for cooked breakies myself; no matter what time of day. sometimes I have whole wheat bread, milk, brown sugar and cinnamon for supper; harking back to my days in an English nursery (in another life, of course!) But the cooked breakies are wonderful . . . I feel for you; coffee in the car is sometimes necessary, but never the same. Hope you have a good platter-full of cooked breaky on the weekends, or sometime, at least . . .

      • You and Lynda, together as a team or as separates are welcome ANY time! And if we have eggs I shall pick my garden bare to feed you in exchange for the kid watching/entertainment. As for chaos, that is guarantees, food or not.
        As for coffee in the car, I must admit that sounds good to me. I bet you get to drink your coffee whilst its hot enough not to need reheating 5 times. 😉

  5. narf77 says:

    Mine isn’t much better than yours at the moment Lynda, I throw a bit of homemade yoghurt on a bit of fruit as I am racing out the door into the garden. Love the look of those spuds. The scrambled eggy bit looks great to, but those spuds have me mesmerised. I gave them up for lent (and for the sake of fitting into my pants again…) and miss them like I would miss my left arm if a gorilla pulled it off (obviously something likely to happen in Tasmania…). Kudos on the low carbon miles and YUM on the spuds 🙂

    • Just checking that you know Lent is finished for 2013. 😉 I don’t know how you manage with no spuds. Giving up bread and all wheaten products (and most of their GF replacements) has just about killed me. Thankfully I once again have buckwheat and can have pancakes once again for breakfast. Spuds and rice are my carby mainstay these days. And oats of course. GF oats!
      Speaking of gardens… YAY Christmas is over and I can get down and dirty in my gardens in a BIG way! AND I have my brute strength on holidays for about 2 weeks. (insert evil cackle and lots of hand rubbing glee). He’ll have papers ready for me to sign by the end of his holidays if I get my evil way. 😉

      • narf77 says:

        Divorce papers methinks! ;). Glad you made it through Christmas, I managed…just…too many Luxury Christmas Nacho’s and I find myself halfway through Boxing day with no desire whatsoever to eat anything else…for the foreseeable future! ;). It will be interesting to see just what you make Martin do and how much he can get “created” before he stumbles back to work for a rest 😉

        • Them’s the ones! 😉
          Christmas was ultra easy on the belly (and probably the hips) this year. I had no desire for seconds. The food was great but the small/medium serve I sat down with was more than sufficient. I dished myself up a huge serve of ice-cream plum pudding though (homemade with all vegan ingredients too 😀 ) but I had a not so little helper with an even larger appetite (having slept through all of main course) who ate near on half of my pudding so the serve was very reasonably sized. 🙂
          Martin has been ultra helpful today too, whippersnippering the weedfest known as my front garden. Email to follow. 😉

          • narf77 says:

            It would seem that whipper snippering is the new “sitting around watching telly” for men on Boxing Day. Steve bucked the trend by going out in the Mumbly Cumumbus but that is his new Boxing Day tradition. Bezial was happy, he caught fish! I did bugger all apart from read which I really enjoyed so Boxing Day seems to have made up for the weirdness of Christmas Day. Methinks Christmas Day just needs a few new traditions thrown in…not sure what but I have a fair bit of time to think about it before it bollocks me again ;). I am just recovering from my Luxury Christmas Nachos and learned a valuable lesson…just because something is “good for you” doesn’t mean that “good” bit isn’t negated by a HUGE serving! ;). See…it’s EASY to learn something new every day 😉

  6. Mama Nice says:

    looks good. looking forward to the spring here in PA so we can eat from our garden again!

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