A Toast to 2014, inspired by Narf7 . . .

What else can I add to this! Nothing that’s what. Linne has nailed it in beautiful easy-reading rhyme. Bring on 2014 and all the hope it still contains.

A Random Harvest

A Little Black Bolshie Duckie Toast . . . to 2014
Here’s to the hippies, the old and the new;
The outcasts, the beatniks, the whole motley crew.                 
And here’s to the bolshie babes, and to their men
Who plant, weed and harvest again and again.
 The hugelkind kulturers, keepers of bees,
The rockers of children, the kissers of knees.
The goatherds, the shepherds, the makers of soap
The cheesemakers, quilters, creators of hope.
Let’s drink to the builders who shelter and mend
The world’s broken places, ‘til on past the bend
of the long weary journey they pause and look back
to see that the rifts are now barely a crack.
Here’s to the village, the virtual realm
The world’s a wee boat now, with you at the helm.
So healing’s begun, creativity’s rife,
Let’s all raise our glass to a good country life

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3 thoughts on “A Toast to 2014, inspired by Narf7 . . .

  1. narf77 says:

    Oops! I just thought she reblogged my post…better hightail it over there to comment! 😉

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