There’s no tomorrow aka now I understand.

Thanks foodnstuff for your post. 🙂 Watching this short film “There’s no tomorrow” last night helped me bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. The problems facing our world are all interconnected and it’s a HUGE mix of different factors that I find overwhelming at times. Overpopulation, economic growth, global warming and climate change, fossil fuels and more. This film is easy to watch and easy to understand too and it brings all these issues together.


My family has its part in growth to face and process but at least I now have the necessary information in order. 🙂 I can now think about the issue at hand rather than trying to name and understand the concept that was driving me and that I felt was true but for which I had no name.

Please watch it.


8 thoughts on “There’s no tomorrow aka now I understand.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Thanks for helping to spread the word. I think this should be shown in all our schools. If the younger generation can be made to wake up to the problems maybe they will seek to find a way out of them instead of just keeping business as usual going. And there IS a way out. A steady-state society, with a sustainable population, will be one where we are healthy and happy and each generation has a real future. Society doesn’t have that now and is rapidly heading down the path to human extinction.

    • There would be many kids who would hear but not act and many who would ignore it entirely (it would be hard to buck the trend and be one of the few kids NOT dressed in fashion or laying the latest games etc) but it would still get the message out there and start kids thinking. The teens and children of today are the ones who will be dealing with the consequences of the collapse and having to raise their children and grandchildren through a post peak world. They are also the ones who will come up with the solutions to the problems we face (if there is a radical new solution to be found that is) so the sooner we educate them the better. 🙂

  2. narf77 says:

    The kids of today are the generation that is inheriting this situation and they need to be shown what they are being handed. The world that they live in today of convenience and throw-away isn’t going to be possible for very much longer and the sooner they are shown the alternatives the better in my book.

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