On Site Flyscreens

What is the lowest energy and east expensive means of keeping cool? Standing (or sitting) in a breeze. πŸ™‚ Yep, a lovely zephyr is the most eco-friendly way to cool oneself. Ok, on a 40 degree day the breeze is not particularly cool, but go and spend 2 minutes somewhere where there is no circulating air and get all hot and sweaty. Then stand in that hot breeze and see what happens. Yep, even the warm air will help cool you down then. πŸ™‚


When we purchased this house one of the plans we had was to add fly screens to the windows. Summer came and went whilst we survived in a scorching hot house. Winter came and the need for flyscreens wasn’t pressing and then Summer rolled around again and lo and behold, no flyscreens. 😦 We had assumed this would be an exercise in expensive and the money simply wasn’t there to spend on them.

Needs must though and shortly before Christmas (wonderful timing I know) I spent some time googling local companies that made and installed flyscreens. I found a few but the price, although reasonable, put it out of our immediate reach. Then I found On Site Flyscreens. Now, before I go any further I want to say I’ve not been asked to write this post, let alone paid for doing so.

On Site Flyscreens are based in Epping, Victoria but Michael who installed our screens works in and around Ballarat. I gave them a call and was quoted a surprisingly low amount. When I questioned why I found that he comes out, measures your windows, goes back to the vehicle he drives and makes them there on the spot. As the name says, on site! πŸ™‚ The windows all cost the same, regardless of size as the work that goes into each is the same no matter how big or small they are. Inside of 2 hours, Michael measured up, made and installed 11 flyscreens into our aluminium frame windows. In that time he also quoted to make and install a fly screen door for us for our back sliding door. I simply couldn’t believe how little time it took.

The back door will cost us considerably more but then again we are getting a quality door. With 2 cats and 3 miniature cyclones children, a flimsy flyscreen only door or even diamond mesh with flyscreen door would cost us more in the long short term to continually replace or fix, even should we do it ourselves than to buy a stronger super mesh door. It’s not going to break easily although I may regret writing that. πŸ˜‰

If you’re in the market for fly screens, check out On Site Flyscreens if you’re a Melbourne or maybe even Victorian local. If you’re not a local then have a look around for a similar company or even contact On Site Flycreens and see if they can recommend someone local. Being able to open the windows in the evening and let in any cool that might be lurking in the dusk has been the difference between us baking whilst we sleep like last summer and having moments of relative comfort. The ceiling fans have helped disperse that cool too as we have no air conditioning (by choice). And as we can open windows all around the house we are able to welcome in that wonderful being known as a cross breeze. πŸ˜€

The back door is on order so it shan’t be long until we can cool our little world down and survive much more comfortably without air conditioning. I cannot wait. πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “On Site Flyscreens

  1. Lynda says:

    Progress, Yeah!!! One step at a time Jess. I need a few too, so when Robs back working ill look them up.

  2. narf77 says:

    Great idea and keeps out the mozzies too and a good price? Sometimes I twitch when I see things like this. You guys can pick up blue drums for $5 each but here they are few and far between and cost upwards of $25 each! I dare say flyscreens here would be a similar elevation in price. I find it depressingly humerous that a state where more than the average unemployment rates rule hearty is also the most expensive state to live in…sigh…

    • Ah, my drums weren’t bue drums but ex synthetic fertiliser black drums and they needed to have the lids sawn off, by hand as it’turns out. We melted 2 angle grinder disks and the circ saw and the other cutting thingy hated it too. And then there was synthetic fertiliser residue… Not drinking water that’s for sure.
      I reckon most screen companies would be dearer than these guys. Maybe they’ll start a franchise in Tassie.

      • narf77 says:

        Black drums would be ideal for heating water in summer. I wonder how you would get the residue out of them? Must be a way…maybe activated charcoal? I won’t be waiting till we get a franchise for the screens but will be working out how to stop mozzies invading Poland as they would devour Steve whole overnight if we let them πŸ˜‰

        • I rinsed them out and “fertilised” the grass under the trees with them. I figure that there will be precious little residue left now (definitely no smell) and although I won’t get ny certification for my organics, I am comfortable with watering my gardens using them. ‘They’re partly filled from using catchement off the greenhouse roof from when I’ve tried to cool things down by hosing off the outisde (using the hose water that’s too hot for gardens or animas direct) so they’re already acting as a heat store and keeping the temperatures down a little in the greenhouse. πŸ™‚

          • narf77 says:

            Booyah girl! I get so much out of watching you go at it from afar. You might not realise how much you enthuse us out here in the blogosphere but you do. You are like a little Jessie catalyst who refuses to give in and you just go like the Eveready bunny :). HUGE hugs from Tassie where you just motivated me to get off my derriΓ¨re and head out to the veggie garden and spread the leafy love and start my prospective massive new compost heap O joy πŸ™‚

            • You do know the feeling is mutual! I read about your sanctuary veggie garden and I cannot help but want to go water, harvest, plant or fertilise.
              Thank you for the huge compliment too. πŸ˜€
              P.S. I have some absolutely worm riddled and divinely delicious looking compost too, sadly about a tonne less of it than I really need but hey, my spuds copped a top up and they’ re stoked! πŸ™‚

              • narf77 says:

                I am on the warpath for “soil” participants. I am going to get the oak leaf mould up to the veggie garden (come hell or high water) this weekend and am going to harass Steve into coming with me to get some sea grass/weed (at least a couple of trailers full) and then I will be off hunting for unwanted manure and anything else I can find that I can hurl onto my rapidly mounting pile of glorious stinky compost πŸ™‚ I am hoping that the worms will head on over from their existing large (pumpkin and tomato covered) pile and will take on the tenancy of the new “building”. Isn’t this gardening thing amazingly excellent? You really do deserve that compliment Jess…without you plugging on in the face of terrible odds sometimes I would just hide under the bed (and trim the carpet shreds where Earl has been scratching 😦 ) on second thoughts…I would just hide in the wardrobe in our room (after I unloaded all of Steve’s guitar cases) on THIRD thoughts I would hightail it up to the very top of the back block and hide amongst the sheoaks!!! πŸ˜‰ Just sent you a scrumdiddleyumptious recipe for gluten free chocolate and zuke cake looks delish πŸ™‚

                • Wish we were local and could share some of our used straw bedding from the goats/sheep shed. The chooks adore scratching through it so it’s full of their small deposits too. LOTS of nitrogen. I would swap you for some of that oak leaf mould though. I need to work up the courage to sweep our main street in Autumn when all those lovely deciduous trees turn red, orange and yellow (No idea what trees they are – must learn) as I will have my very own equivalent of oak leaves then. If ever we get a pig I plan to “harvest” all the acorns in the park then too. πŸ™‚ Oh the scroungables in Ballan… If only I can find the courage.

                  • narf77 says:

                    Forget courage, just ring the council and ask them if you can collect the leaves. I am sure they would love you to do it because then they wouldn’t have to pay a man to do it. Do you have a trailer? It’s a good idea to find out what those leaves are because not all leaves are equal when it comes to rotting down. Oak leaves are delicious but English Plane tree leaves have a half life and should really only be used for chopping up finely and adding a bit of bulk to the soil. Best you don’t take your pig to the park (like Barbara with her goat Geraldine in “The Good Life” πŸ˜‰ ) as I think that might be a step too far for the council πŸ˜‰

  3. This little flat we’re in seems to be adjacent to Mosquitoville. The windows are rusted and broken to various degrees, and the fly screens resemble Swiss cheese. So, leave the windows open just a little bit too long, and the house becomes a brown trouts dream.

    I never saw the true value of fly screen until I lived here.

    The windows in my little straw bale humpy will be screened up to the max. It’s vital if you want to make the most of biological heating and cooling.

  4. Linne says:

    Those screens sound wonderful; isn’t it great that they come to your place and make them to fit . . . on the coast we never needed screens; the seawinds blew insects away nearly all the time.

    You won’t want to know this, but I rarely get a bite; it seems to be only when I’m low on B complex vitamins. My boys, on the other hand, would get huge welts. I remember one summer spent in an army-type tent and the baby (about a year then) waking up with his face so swollen he could barely open his eyes. I hated the coils, but got some that day and used them every evening. They do work! That was the second time I lived up in the Okanagan hills; very hot and dry, with quite a few ponds and small lakes; standing water in places, too. Mozzie heaven, I guess.

    You, Narfie and the rest of the permie hippie gang inspire even me, who doesn’t have a garden. When I see you accomplishing so much and working so hard, I am more inclined to get off the couch and do something (or more LOL). So thanks for the good examples. πŸ™‚

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