Smoky day

It’s a very smoky day here today. I woke up and thought we had another foggy morning but as the fog failed to lift I soon realised what it was. The sky is a dirty brownish grey and everything appears to be filmed with a light fog although not so clean and white. Smoke!

For those that aren’t aware there are several fires burning around Victoria, thanks to a hot day with northerly winds after 3 weeks of temperatures mostly in the 30’s or 40’s. Then came a cool change that brought relief for most of us but blustery southerly high-speed winds. The grass is tinder dry and almost begging to be lit. It really is perfect kindling. Sadly, either nature or accidents or idiots heard that begging and obliged and there are fires of most concern in and around Gisborne which is about a 45 minute drive north east of us (we drove there weekly last year for gymnastics) and there are other fires down in Gippsland which have me deeply worried. I’ve not heard much more other than what was on the radio but Hazelwood, where there were fires, is where Victoria’s largest coal fired electricity plant is situated and that, plus open cut coal mines were threatened too. Warrandyte was also under threat and houses were lost there too although I believe that fire is now contained. I hope they are all contained or better yet, out altogether.

I don’t know much about it at all really but the smoke today serves as a constant reminder to me that there are those out there who have lost their homes or who are threatened by the flames. My heart is with you and I hope the forecast rain on the weekend arrives sooner rather than later. I also hope it does it’s level best to be a real downpour. For those affected 5 years ago by the Black Saturday bushfires, my heart goes out to you too for this reminder so close to the anniversary of that terrible day (February 7th 2009).

The thing that has impressed me most  has been the level of warnings we heard on the radio. The reporters were reading out very specific details and warnings for areas and a few finished on the frightening note that it was ” time to implement your fire plan as it is now too late to leave”. Still, it was encouraging to hear that the lessons learned so bitterly 5 years ago have been heeded.

4 thoughts on “Smoky day

  1. Lynda says:

    Smoky in the city today as well. We left the door open last night for Tilly and the house stinks of smoke. It came within 200m of one of our workers house in Beveridge. He finished building it only a month ago. Very stressful for all.

  2. “Time to implement your fire plan as it is now to late to leave” !!! That’s a horror story. We see the fires on the news and just feel gutted for those involved. You take care. I know the stress we experienced with our quakes – very traumatic but no deaths, few houses completely lost…so I really feel for those going through so much worse.

  3. Linne says:

    Oh, I hope it rains there soon; we had wild fires close to our place twice; the last one was only one hill over and we were ready to leave if the wind turned in our direction. It’s more rare on the coast, but in summer, the dryness is a problem, and, as you say, the idiots. In one of our cases, though, it was a lightning strike.

    I feel for you all there, not only the fear of the fire, but the smoke is a menace as well. For some people, it’s life-threatening, I know.

    I will keep you and your area in mind. Let us know how it goes, eh?

    I agree with Wendy; ‘too late to leave’ is especially scary. Big hugs and lots of rain to you all. ~ Linne

  4. narf77 says:

    February is out bad fire month apparently here in Tassie and we have had a few brewing but so far nothing that they couldn’t cope with. All it takes is these tinderbox dry conditions and a moron throwing a fag end out of their car and “WOOMPF!” devastation 😦 We had some thick smoke last week. I was sitting here and smelled smoke and got up to look out the door and couldn’t see the water…”EEK!” Fire plan! Panic! Grab the dogs and run down to the river…er…best check to see where the fire was…checked and it was on an island in Bass Strait, North East Tassie was blanketted in their smoke…”WHEW!” no need to throw myself (and a protesting Bezial and Earl) into the Tamar just yet…

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