Wartime Frugality

I love reading about or watching things about WWII but not the war itself, more about the soldiers fighting on the home front. Dig for Victory! Mend and Make Do! Sentiments we would be well worth adapting these days. 🙂

Here’s a wonderful article from Mother Earth News that’s worth a read. 🙂

Imagine, throwing things out like we do these days, we would all be branded traitors!

9 thoughts on “Wartime Frugality

  1. Leone Fabre says:

    Your blog post reminded me of one of the posts I did on clothing rations during WW11:


    • I read that post! It was a great post and I hadn’t realised that rationing was as heavy as it was in Australia. I so wish the frugal attitudes of the Depression and the wars would return to us, although thankfully we haven’t had to endure rationing.

  2. This is great 🙂 I have a couple of books about the Depression that I loved reading for their wisdom of how people coped. It is just so far from our realities of life today, isn’t it? And yet, if there were to be another how would the general population cope? Thanks for this, loved it!

    • How would the general population cope? I imagine there would be an awful lot of very vocal whinging and whining, a LOT of black marketing, more than last time and an awful lot of cheating too. I don’t think we would cope nearly as well as we did last time around. Time will tell though I guess. I believe truly that when the peak oil crisis really begins to bite we will see a lot of shortages and hopefully then, rationing. Although what’s the bet that money will tell and if you have it you can get what you need.
      Did New Zealand experience rationing during WWII that you know of?

      • Yes, they did have rationing Jessie. We wouldn’t cope now with this, everything has been so easy to get for the past generation or two, we have no idea how to do for ourselves anymore. Back in the 70’s we had petrol rationing and “No car days” and I can still remember the fuss it caused. The thought of car pooling just seemed absurd to so many. We take such alot for granted now, supply will always be at the supermarket, gas station, department store etc. As you say, time will tell.

        • I figured that you too would have had rationing. Everything we countries of the Commonwealth could do to support Mother England hey. 🙂 I’ve heard about the fuel crisis of the 70’s but being born in 1978 it’s before my time. Still, Aussies are very good at coming together in times of crisis on the whole. Not sure how we would go if that crisis was ongoing though as will be when the crash comes but it will be interesting times for sure.

  3. narf77 says:

    Mum told me that she and her big brother and mum hid under a table when Japanese planes flew overhead in WW2 (in Western Australia) and I remember a book that my grandma had that contained recipes for how to eke out rations and how to eat less meat. It was a wonderful reminder that even in frugal hard times, there is hope 🙂

  4. Gavin Webber says:

    Great article Jessie. I wrote a piece on War Time rationing, focusing on Victory gardens. Your readers can check it out here Dig For Victory. You even feature in the post!

    Gav x

    • I’d forgotten that post of yours Gav and it was great rereading it and watching the film again too. Thanks for the share. 🙂 My comment made me laugh though. Yes we are well on our way to being where I wrote we were aiming to be but not as far as I dreamed we would be. 😉 Still, it’s not through lack of trying. Reality is a lot different to dreams at times and as you say, learning to garden doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process which I am enjoying following. 🙂

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