You Know You’re A Homesteader When….

Oh my goodness, I do most of these! No I have not hauled my goats into the car (although I have thought about it and only didn’t do it due to there being 3 children sharing the space) and no I have not used a nappy on them either. I don’t have a redneck smoker, although I do plan to build a smoker so I guess that is another tick in my favour as a homesteader. Yup, I’m a homesteader! 😉

wendy snobl

Really, it's winter?!


 You know you’re a Homesteader When….

You watch chickens instead of TV.

You read seed catalogs instead of People magazine.

You bake bread more than once per week.

You cook in your kitchen, not decorate it.

You own more mason jars than you can count, and it is still. NEVER. enough.

You obsess think about what barnyard animal you should add to the mix next.

You have various live and active things fermenting on your countertops.

Your kids think that living science in the kitchen is normal….

You are passionate about raw milk…and cream…and ice cream… and yogurt…and cheese…and all things homemade from home dairy.

You have dirt under your fingernails during growing season.

Your life revolves around seasons….planting/sowing season, growing/watering season (these two could really be lumped together as garden season, is what usually happens around here) harvesting the garden season, hunting season, butchering season.

You have chores to do.

You know…

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7 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Homesteader When….

  1. narf77 says:

    Not quite there yet but I watch those chooks…closely…they are ALWAYS up to something! 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi there Jesse! Thanks for stopping by the homestead over at Stand Upon Grace! Glad you enjoyed the post! It was so much fun to write 😀 It was nice meeting you, swing on over again sometime!

  3. Linne says:

    A good post and now I have another blog to follow . . . 😉 Thanks, Jess.

  4. Lisa Sleep says:

    You are the cutest

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