12 thoughts on “The more we consume, the less we care about the living planet. | Damn the Matrix

  1. narf77 says:

    I think the more we consume, the further away from knowing where it all comes from and the true cost of it we end up. We start living in an artificial manmade world and forget that we are just a few steps away from starvation if we can’t provide for ourselves. Denial is a terrible thing.

    • And the price of that denial is about to come due.

      • narf77 says:

        Hopefully not too soon or all we will have to eat is 60 chooks, a sanctuary full of pumpkins (rat chewed) and a few semi ripe cherry tomatoes…guess I might just have to turn meat-a-tarian till the other things start to grow! 😉

        • Fish from that river running past your door and don’t forget those pesky wallabies and possums. Revenge in this case would be best served hot with veggies and gravy. 😉
          As for “soon”, I’ve heard 2020 a few times and saw 2018 the other day too. I’m going to say tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow then I get one more day to prepare. 🙂

          • narf77 says:

            (too scared…)

            • Lol. THAT bad? 😉

              • narf77 says:

                Just went up there…might be time to break out the industrial bar of chocolate 😦

                • You going to bribe Steve? 😉
                  If you want to have the area cleared without fighting the warrior pumpkins stationed in there, just leave the door open. I’m sure the possums will oblige you and clear the gardens ready for autumn planting. 😛

                  • narf77 says:

                    I am still hiding under the bed shaking…I just took the dogs for a walk around the rest of the property and I am thinking of handing visitors machetes when they enter the drive and an “all you can bag” slingshot for chooks I fear I am drowning! Just raked up the mountain of horse poo and the chooks are already into it :(. I forgot I had another smaller mountain of horse poo (that’s 3 trailer loads total so far and a promise of at least 3 more to come and another one a month) but they couldn’t get into that one. Earl found 2 nests of eggs. 1 is a goer the other one looks suspiciously like it might be leftover from early in the year…I am wondering how likely they are to ASPLODE if I tried to test them in the old “water in the plastic basin” test…they don’t tell you about the test to do to see if you should even bother picking them up do they now! THAT is a test that this little black duck can see as pretty important!

  2. Linne says:

    Here is where being a saver is so important. I won’t need to keep consuming; it will take me plenty of time to use up what I have! Of course, since what I have is mostly stockpiled in storage units, I’ve been forced to consume anyway . . . but once I get those boxes dealt with . . .

    What bothers me most, really, are the various brands of garbage that people ‘consume’. No earthly use that I can see. We have a large department store here that I call ‘the landfill store’, ’cause most of the stuff in it will end up in a landfill. ;-/

    Narfie, I don’t have my machete anymore, but if I happen to drop by, feel free to hand me one of yours . . . I will just pretend that I am the Red Queen and will happily lop my way across Triffidium shouting ‘Off with their heads!!’ LOL

    • We have many wonderful landfill stores around here too. 😦 Clothes that tear holes within the first 5 wears (if not the first) and are designed to “last the season”. Toys made of such wonderfully thin plastic to keep down the price that last a single play session. It’s so wonderful how we think these days isn’t it? 😦

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