The road to hell is paved with good intentions

But my goat shed floor is paved with roof tiles. Much easier to keep clean. 😉

For a day that started out so unmotivated I certainly achieved a few things. Anna and Pandora’s shed is now paved with old roofing tiles of which I have hundreds all stacked up and just sitting there and getting broken. They’re not ideal to use but if they get broken I have plenty of replacements. Now clearing their shed out will be much easier, faster and easier to get truly clean too I hope. And making our way in there to feed, and soon for milking, will be much easier too as I’ve also paved a path rather than just some random stepping-stones. Much cleaner on the boots I hope.

Anna is coming close to being due to kid and seems to be plumping up as she should be. If being cranky and grumpy is anything to go by as an indication of how close to birthing she is (it was with me so why not for goats too 😉 ) then our very cranky lady must be due soon. Goats gestate for 150 days which means that we should hopefully see some babies at the end of this month. We’ve not had her checked by ultrasound so we have no guarantee that she is pregnant at all but signs seem to indicate she is so here’s hoping for greater success than last year with both kids and milk. It’s time for me to get things ready, including building a milking stand and getting their shed into much better shape too. We’re about half way through the shed renovations and I’ve got my plans for our milking stand ready to go. I hope to start pulling apart pallets for supplies tomorrow or over the weekend. We started working on this last weekend but ended up with unexpected but most welcome house guests as well as some rather soggy weather on Sunday so things ground to a halt.

And as a giggle to finish off today I ended up running a delivery errand to a friend at around 9pm tonight. Several kilos of very wet, very fresh and very smelly sale yard manure to a friend’s place around the corner and helping her tip it into her compost bays along with a bag of pond weed. I definitely question my own sanity these days 😉 but if this is insanity then it is FUN! 😀

No photos I am afraid but had to share. 🙂

Sleep well hippies and as my friend Lynda says, HAPPY FRIDAY! Well it will be in the morning at least. 🙂


17 thoughts on “The road to hell is paved with good intentions

  1. narf77 says:

    Too busy to remember what day it is…note to self, find a pond and scoop out weed! When I stop processing pumpkins long enough that is! Have a great weekend, you have earned it 😉

  2. Linne says:

    It is the ultimate in sanity to be the sort of person who delivers smelly straw/manure and gathers pondweed! Not to mention has goats, chooks and kidlets (the human sort) . . .

    I chuckled at your convo with Narfie; I’ll have to share my own ‘backing up with a trailer’ story one day soon . . . you’ll all laugh, for sure!

    Hugs to you. ~ Linne

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