Help establish an ultra-local food system

Help establish an ultra-local food system.


Ripe Near Me is a wonderful tool to show you what is growing and in excess near to where you live. Rather than letting your excess produce go to waste or having to beg neighbours to take one more bag of lemons or more rhubarb, you can advertise on Ripe Near Me that you have more than you can handle and you can either sell it or give it away free as you like. 🙂

If you can pledge some money to help support this crowdfunding campaign to improve Ripe Near Me please do. Locally grown in season produce is the best food you can eat.

9 thoughts on “Help establish an ultra-local food system

  1. Lynda says:

    I am a member of ripe-near-me but there are not very many members in my area. Instead i went on Gumtree this week and offered my clivia plants (50) for free. My phone didn’t stop for an hour and i had to take the ad off. Some have already been collected and more on the weekend. I get them removed with no labour (i cant at the moment) and so far two people with blank new gardens have their first plants. Grape vines are going to replace them. Yeah!!

    • I’ve not seen anything locally on RNM for Ballan either but I love the concept which is why I supported it.
      Nice work re the clivias too. 🙂 Gumtree is fantastic.

  2. narf77 says:

    Might have to start it here as I pound the pavements (pavements? HA!) in frigid foggy Sidmouth I get to use my horticultural nouce to seek out the freebie fruit trees that grew from adventitious fruit core throwing episodes and they are all documented for the right season in the head of the narf. I even know where there is an entire unkempt overgrown orchard full of stone fruit and apples that the possums think they own… I might have to start something here in order to get rid of all of those potted babies but I don’t want them to go to someone who is just going to sell them on…I want someone who can really use a couple hundred rare and interesting trees to forge themselves a landscape. Last time we used Gumtree to give something away we ended up jaded. Gave away an inflatable raft from dads yacht. Not serviced so not appropriate for use on another yacht but great fun for the kids in summer and the man that picked it up said “I thought it would be a new one that was serviced…oh well…I guess the grandkids can play with it”…seriously DUDE IT WAS FREE! Sigh…that’s the kind of thing that makes people think twice about being generous!

    • Everyone wants something for nothing. Some of the wanted ads on Freecycle are for iPads and iPhones and it makes me wonder. If you get one of those offered the chances are it’s well broken. We just had our screen replaced at a cost of $200 so they’re not cheap! No-one is going to be giving away one in working order, that’s for sure.
      Would you be able to sell your trees? To a nursery perhaps if not direct?
      I might well put the local apple trees and hawthorns on RNM too. Lots of local food there if you’re willing to pick it. 🙂

    • I had the same situation trying to give away moving boxes. Good moving boxes are often hard to find. I listed them once we’d moved as my way of “paying it forward”. I had people asking for delivery across town, eventually one person came to pick them up, so I left them out the front, and he took just a few choice ones… My gosh.

      • narf77 says:

        I was giving away all kinds of good stuff (I thought) including glass topped kitchen table with vintage chairs, window awnings (in good condition) and those plastic weather blinds that you put on your verandah but all I got was a woman who kept saying her boyfriend would come and pick them up for about 2 months and never did and I ended up giving it all to a charity shop. When you are giving something away for free, people should lower their expectations accordingly 😉

  3. Linne says:

    A fantastic idea! Next time I have a garden, I’d sure be up for taking part in one of these. We need more sharing to go on. Like the Freecyclers, eh? ~ Linne

    • You can also list wild fruits and vegetables. I’ve seen listing for a wild choko vine growing at a train station and I could well list all the apple trees around town too. 🙂

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