I’ve been a little neglectful once again on the blog but a very quick update needs to be made. I’ve held off nearly a week hoping to be able to catch a photo but it’s not to be. 😦

I would hence like to formally introduce, without photographs, Lucky, our now 5 day old black and yellow duckling, hatched by Yang. πŸ™‚ He’s been named Lucky as he is the only baby to hatch from about 10 or so eggs laid by his mother and grandmother. Over 1/2 went missing, presumably stolen by hungry father/grandfather/uncle drakes, 3 were kicked from the nest, presumably duds and 1 was crushed in the nest and yet another found cracked open and with a pretty much mature duckling dead inside (again I’m blaming the drakes). It’s the way it goes sometimes. 😦 Hence, Lucky is very lucky. He’s made a bid for freedom and ended up out in the middle of the veggie patch. His cried reached me from our back deck and he was retrieved and returned to his Mum, who for once did not appear likely to take my head off (she doesn’t like me at all). Since then I’ve seen him roaming around the yard with a watchful Mum in tow although I caught no sight yesterday as he has been commandeered by an over protective grandmother under whose fluffy derriΓ¨re he was hiding.

Anyway, as photography becomes possible I will definitely bring a photo to share. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Lynda D says:

    They are hard to get a pic when they a new, hiding protectively under feathers. When i’m at Ella’s i’m often trying to coax them out but they have good mothers that keep them hidden from me. Oh Well, they’ve got to eat sometime…

    • I’ve not seen Lucky in 48 hours so when Martin gets home I’ll enlist his thicker skinned hands to lift up an angry mother/grandmother duck to take a peep at it. I am a little concerned. I make sure there is food and drink available but I would like the peace of mind that a peep at the fluffy little baby will bring. πŸ™‚

  2. narf77 says:

    I am constantly amazed at how many chicks a chook can hide. We had an old biddy chook who was past laying but who goes clucky like clockwork sitting right next to one of the other cluckies on eggs. When the quoll was cleaning up the masses we moved them both into the enclosed space where we could protect them at night and she adopted about 20 babies that were orphaned in the process. She looked like Frankenstein at night when they all went home to roost with heads and feet sticking out everywhere. They all grew up and we have 40 mid sized chooks roaming around the property thanks to nanna chook and her ability to hide babies πŸ˜‰

    • Sadly it seems that having a mum and a nana was not enough for Lucky. Lucky is missing presumed dead. 😦 Looks like next doors dogs have been tunnelling out of Alcatraz and there is a rather large, nearly greyhound sized hole leading into our chook run. It’s all adding up to a rather sad ending I’m afraid. 😦

      • narf77 says:

        Oh NO! 😦 Poor little (not so) lucky :(. Might be time to have a bit of a talk over your fence with your neighbour about doing their bit to ensure their dogs don’t tunnel under. Only fair…

        • He is really good about the dogs. The tunnelling is a brand new thing and he’s on to it hard! We need to put down a wire barrier too to be fair. Sadly, the timing this time was rather unLucky. 😦

  3. Michael says:

    Electric fence does wonders for dogs and foxes. Or try the classic wire netting flat on, or just under, the ground around the outside of the fence/chook run about a metre wide. Make sure it’s thick enough, old sections of cyclone fencing is perfect. The dog always starts digging near the fence and can’t get through the mesh on the ground. They never try digging more than a metre out from the fence

    • That’s the same as what we read for foxes. I’ll mention it to our neighbour. πŸ™‚ The area in which the dogs were digging is an area of the veggie garden where I’d been putting the chooks to work to prepare it for spud planting in the spring. They’ve done a far better job than I could have dreamed! I’m hoping to run them for a further 3 months so I most definitely need to block them out.

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