11 thoughts on “The Technology of Backyard Micro-Farming

  1. foodnstuff says:

    That’s a great graphic. Thanks for sharing. Herbicide/pesticide use is so dumb! Solving one problem by creating an even bigger one. So typically human, unfortunately 😦

  2. Michael says:

    Really interesting information. However (there’s always a however, isn’t there 🙂 ) the one thing I would recommend to change is the bit about the teensy wind generators made from pipe etc. Don’t bother, the amount of energy you would get is not worth it. For the same money you would be much better buying/building a small PV solar panel system especially one that has a usb charger on it. You would get more energy.


    • Yeah, I wondered about that. I did however wonder if it would be worth it in an off grid situation for power generation say overnight or on those less than sunny days. I guess in that situation, the teensy bit might be what is needed to stay power running. Only if the cost of the generator isn’t too high of course. 😉
      Don’t suppose YOU know how to build turbines do you?

      • Michael says:

        If you only have “X” dollars to spend on a little system then PV is the way to go. If you can scrounge the bits and/or want to do a bit of DIY experimenting then little turbines are good fun (moving parts and mechanical tinkering etc.) and you should give it a go. Just don’t expect too much from them. I do know how to build them and I even have an old F&P washing machine motor in the garage that has been patiently waiting for several years for me to get motivated but I doubt if I will ever get around to building anything more than a toy or a demo from scratch. We have kits where I am teaching at the moment and the students build working models and test them as part of the sustainable energy sessions. There are lots lots of plans for homemade turbines of all sizes and capabilities on the net and many are not that hard to build if you want o give it a go. It is a great learning experience.

  3. narf77 says:

    Places where we get less sun and a whole lot of regular wind (roaring 40’s ) like Tassie make wind turbines a much more enticing solution to our energy probems. Got my eyes firmly on that Nautilus from The Netherlands and when they release it for sale I am going to sell everything that I own to get me one of them 🙂 Good infographic Ms Twinn…I have it already in my Pinterest haul page but excellent share for anyone who hasn’t 🙂

  4. Linne says:

    Love the inforgraphic; thanks, Jess.

  5. Lovely post, have shared this. You can find all kinds of info on the internet about building your own wind turbine, this is what we are going to try as we need a bigger one.

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