Mind Traps III

This is the third in the series of four short films that outline the mind traps that prevent many people from taking steps to help our environment. The “why we’re getting it wrong”. To see “what we are getting wrong” please have a look at my first post in this series here. My post about the first Mind Traps film is here and the second is here.

Please watch and please share! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mind Traps III

  1. Jessie, I have no idea why but I can’t re-blog these, have tried 3 times!

  2. narf77 says:

    After spending an entire DAY yesterday trying to find, cost and then justify the green credentials of a “fridge, a printer and a photocopier” I can see why people put sustainability in the “TOO HARD!” basket. The only thing that stopped me from heading out to the deck to put my feet up and ignore the heck out of my studies for the day was the frigid cold outside. The amount of greenwash that is being hurled into the equation and the mountains (I am talking Everest sized mountains here!) of bampf and page after page of wtf? That I came across on what really should have been a very simple journey from “where can I source a sustainable printer?” to “Here is your answer have a nice day”. I had to wade through the most incredible amount of toss to find anything. I started at 8.30am and was still hunting for a price for a sustainable fridge at 12pm! It’s not easy because “Green” is not a top selling point. People flock to the word in their droves. We are all becoming really precious about buzzwords and those in the know are well aware of that and our PC’s are clogged to the back gills with “sustainable tags” etc. OVER IT! And I have 2 more assignments to do 😦 and as you know I am really in to sustainable living! I can only begin to imagine how difficult it is for anyone not in the loop to find ANYTHING online 😦

  3. narf77 says:

    “Green” is NOW a top selling point! 😉 What a difference a word makes eh? 😉

    • Don’t forget eco and sustainable. Oft times it is only to sustain the company selling it. I wish, like “certified organic” there was a series of checks and points that must be met to be able to label it as green or “certified environmentally friendly”. But then again, how do you quantify that really? Lawns can be considered eco in comparison to asphalt, willow and pine trees are eco in comparison to no trees but both are pests and weeds in the wrong environment. A large waterwise washing machine might be a power guzzler. How to truly define eco in such a way as to quantify it to pass checks like certified organic. Hmmm.
      No, not a job for this RLH either my friend. 😉

    • Hey, does going green with envy mean you’re eco? 😉

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