Mind Traps IV

This is the fourth in the series of four short films that outline the mind traps that prevent many people from taking steps to help our environment. The “why we’re getting it wrong”.To see “what we are getting wrong” please have a look at my first post in this series here. My post about the first Mind Traps film is here, the second is here and the third is here.

Please watch and please share! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mind Traps IV

  1. Leigh says:

    I wasn’t aware of this series but it is an excellent way to educate folks. The problem with this particular point is that folks get so attached to the idea that money will buy all and solve all, that they are truly blinded to it’s false sense of security.

    • This is a mess out of which we truly cannot buy our way clear. In fact, buying, no matter the environmental credentials of the product, will only contribute further. As you say though, people don’t want to hear that.

  2. mikestasse says:

    Linda (and her other half Trev) are friends we have in Tassie where we want to move to…… they are amazing, and they only reinforce our desire to move to Geevo…..

    • Their story was one of my major inspirations and when I found their blog I went back to day dot on the old blog and read EVERY SINGLE WORD written. 😀 Through her I met Gav from Greening of Gavin and he’s a mate and an inspiration too. There are some amazing poeple out there doing amazing things aye. 🙂

  3. mikestasse says:

    BTW……. I just HAD to find out what the hell a Thermomix was after reading your “about me” blurb….. then I realised I’d seen them on Masterchef!
    Will have to get one when we’re in Tassie….

    • Look carefully if you’re going with off grid solar. They’re a wonderful beast but they are a little power hungry I think. Still, the things I can do with my Thermy make our journey here so very much easier. 🙂

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