Save the VEET!

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9 thoughts on “Save the VEET!

  1. mikestasse says:

    This is the most reckless decision of all……. reducing electricity consumption is THE best, easiest, and cheapest method of lowering emissions and reducing the cost of living.

    Of course, ‘they’ don’t want you to reduce consumption, it’s what keeps the consumerist growthist economy going. If everyone lived like ‘us’, the economy would tank for crtain, the banks would go broke, and unemployment (in a stupidly designed economic system) would skyrocket. We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. We need a new paradigm…..


    • Crash on Demand perhaps? I feel that the VEET and renewables challenge the coal plants and put them on notice that people are looking to alternatives. Even after watching the video you posted – I still think some competition against coal plants is a good thing but as you say, REDUCE CONSUMPTION is the only thing that will truly make a difference.

      Is it better to do nothing or to try and do something that may not be as good as we believe it is. 😦

      • mikestasse says:

        In the end, there are simply way too many people to engage in ‘sustainable pursuits’…. It might be OK if there were only 50 million people globally wanting to ‘live sustainably’, we might get away with the PV shortcomings that Ozzie Zehner describes…. but the numbers just overwhelm us. We want solar to do things it just cannot do.

        Better educated people ‘like us’ who know what’s coming will hopefully fare better and come out the other side of the crash with some hope and means to continue the human experiment…. but a lot of people just won’t make it, because they just don’t what will hit them…

        In my opinion….. the way to go with solar now is to go standalone with batteries, and go through your house with a fine toothed comb to make it so energy efficient, you hardly need any solar panels. We could run our whole place with 1kW (+ solar hot water and wood stove).
        It’s pretty well what I intend doing in Tassie (plus a small wind turbine, because Tassie has good wind resources). When the crash finally comes, it’ll be only a matter of time before the grid collapses, and relying on it with a grid connected system like we have now will be a total waste of time.

        • We put through the deposit on Friday to install a 3.5kw system on our roof. We have LED lights, a well insulated house with curtains, pelmets, a passive solar greenhouse and we do our best not to waste the “dinosaur juice” as my dino loving kids call it but I know we still have leaks to plug.
          Well impressed with a 1kw being enough to run your place. Martin, my husband has been playing with a small stand alone system that is enough to run his notebook computer or charge the phones and I’ve been encouraging him to have a go with one of the build it yourself turbines. We too have solar hot water and a wet back wood stove that we use to heat the house, cook throughout winter and heat water. We also have a hanging clothes rack above it so that wood is well used when it burns. 🙂
          As you say though, it’s all about reducing consumption and I ask myself frequently what more we can try and do. We are home most of the time though – we home educate so the kids and I are here a lot more than many might be. Our panels will provide power for when we use it most though hopefully. We’ve already been looking in to going off grid in 12 or so months too when we have the data to work out what we need. Your post on nickel iron batteries was most interesting. 🙂

  2. narf77 says:

    Great minds think alike! Great to see that my desire for a wind turbine is echoed in a fellow Taswegian. Solar seems to be pushed en mass but there are all kinds of electricity generating systems that are less known but that result in similar output (just less commercially viable). Methinks we need to do that old “thinking outside the box” thing and get busy working on ways to rethink our need for electricity and what we can do to reduce and eliminate electrical requirements. Checking out banks of batteries made me twitch as they are SO expensive! No way we penniless student hippies could afford them so it looks like we are going to have to learn to rub two sticks together and be happy with the results 😉

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