Cursed or blessed

Some days I’m not so sure which way that particular pendulum swings. This morning I think fits both. 😦

Today was earmarked for a day in the garden. I wasn’t out there as early as I would have liked sadly and this turned out to be a mistake. A big one. 😦

After feeding the goats and checking for eggs I headed back inside for another hour or so. Once the sun came out the kids went out into the garden and as Orik had joined his older siblings I joined them in the garden too.

What do I see though but a duck that appears to be stuck. Hmmm, not good. HANG ON!!!! 😦 Is she on the wrong side of the wire?! OH NO!!! The all are!!! That means, for those who haven’t seen our place,


I think I flew down the back steps and across what counts for our lawn. I have no recollection of getting into the garden but much hand-wringing was done, much flapping (and not all by the feathered culprits either) and after some orders to the kids we chased them back into their pen. Now to survey the damage.

My wits deserted me for several minutes before I thought to collect evidence if an inquest was ever held (some detective I would make).

There is a path supposedly under the soil  to the bottom of the photograph.

There is a path supposedly under the soil to the bottom of the photograph.

Leeks and sweet potatoes on the path.

Leeks and sweet potatoes on the path.

I had to push this lot in by hand due to the trellis wire in the way of the rake. Everything is replanted now.

I had to push this lot in by hand due to the trellis wire in the way of the rake. Everything is replanted now.

When all the damage was put as right as it could be I tried to work out what had happened. Jasper and Allegra adamantly denied opening the pen (I believe them too – they know escaped chickens is a big deal) so we figured Orik had pulled the latch but that didn’t seem to fit either as a) he wasn’t in the chook pen where he usually gravitates given the chance and b) the latch is higher than he could reach without climbing on something and there was no evidence of that having happened. THEN the horror hit me. I’d asked the kids to take some scraps to the chooks yesterday afternoon and clearly the gate had not been closed properly. My mistake for not checking it. Martin too had missed it when he’d gone out to feed the goats (there would have been no reason for him to check the chook door so no blame apportioned at all) but clearly it had been open all night. 😦 We know we have foxes in the area and indeed on our block – we’ve seen them! I am counting my lucky stars that Mr Fox didn’t decide tonight to come check out our feather bags. The open gate however did allow my foul fowl access to the patch. What I am most impressed about however is how little damage they did to plants! I guess worms are preferred over garlic chives any day by fat demolition beasts. 😉

I scraped the soil back onto the beds from whence it came and replanted the leeks and sweet potatoes that were all over the path. I also replanted the self-sown plum or apricot or whatever it is that I’m nursing over in another bed which was lying neglected on the path. Thanks chooks! 😦

Not ALL the damage is the fault of the chooks is it kids?

Not ALL the damage is the fault of the chooks is it kids?

Jasper and Allegra also had amends to make so they helped wheel out the old tyres from around the chook pen that had been temporarily stored in there. The veggie patch is looking far more managed now with its trimmed grass and lack of tyres. 🙂

Well, all in all I am grateful for the safety of my feathered ladies but far more wary of their presence out of their pen.


13 thoughts on “Cursed or blessed

  1. Michael says:

    Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think to myself, “Bloody Chooks”, for some reason or other 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    Oh dear well like all things in life there is no point worrying too much you may as well just get on with it. Hopefully they left some nice manure to help the plants along.

  3. narf77 says:

    I used to be one of those “chooks are lovely :)” people. That was right up till I got some. They are feathered ninjas, to the nth degree. They are able to sneak in, sneak out and wreak havoc. My girls latest stunt is eating the rhubarb. Supposed to kill you…not chooks apparently…sigh. You are SO lucky that fox wasn’t sniffing around! At least you had something to do yesterday, replanting everything (narf ducks 😉 )

    • Yeah, I was just looking for something to do as my gardens and house are immaculate and set up perfectly. I was so very grateful for something on which to focus my energies. (throws a shoe at Narf 😉 )

      I love chooks and I love their eggs and their manure and their meat and their bug and scrap food demolition but you are so right. Feathered ninjas indeed!

      • narf77 says:

        Good to see at least one of us has their shite together 😉 I think my ninja’s just went into their coop. time to close them in for the night as otherwise our local neighbourhood wouldn’t be safe from THEM! 😉

  4. foodnstuff says:

    Thankfully the chooks have never got out here (crosses fingers), but your damage is about what the rabbits do here on a regular basis. It annoys me that my neighbour’s property is 2 acres of grass and the rabbits prefer my block!! Grrr!

  5. Lynda D says:

    OH my, im going to call you immediately..

  6. Jo says:

    Oh my, sounds like you had a lucky escape. You know it is one of those days when the best you can come up with is ‘It could be worse!!’

  7. […] though I was determined to achieve something. We got out into the garden around mid morning to find chaos from the chooks but once that was all put to rights I put in some heavy-duty work digging out the pergola area. The […]

  8. Leigh says:

    I know the feeling, although I haven’t had chickens in the garden for awhile. My current problem is keeping them out of the area we’re replanting pasture in. If they see me with that seed, they go nuts trying to get on the other side of the fence! Then it’s chicken chasing and a new wing clip if I’m lucky enough to catch them.

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