How does your electricity company stack up?

I came across this late last week (although I don’t remember where or I would give credit for sharing where credit is due) and just had to share it with you. 🙂

If you are wondering how your electricity company stacks up for environmental creds, check it out here. Just click on your state and then your energy provider and check them out. Perhaps there is one offering a more environmentally friendly option or one who is in support of the Renewable Energy Target or offers 100% green power.

The Green Electricity Guide doesn’t compare prices although they do note the companies who offer better incentives for feed in tarriffs.

The Green Electricity Guide

The companies are rated by 7 criteria:

  • Investments in fossil fuels or renewables
  • The carbon emissions intensity of assets
  • Support for – or hostility to – Australia’s Renewable Energy Target
  • Solar offers
  • GreenPower products
  • Whether or not they invest in coal seam gas other unconventional gas
  • Commitment to not buying electricity generated by burning native forest products

Personally, we made the switch to Powershop (currently only offered in Victoria) a few months ago with 100% green power working out on paper to be about $10 per month cheaper than the conventional electricity we were using. Once our solar panels come online (long story about crossed wires regarding our new smart meter installation 😦 ) we will only get the standard FIT but even so, 100% green power and cheaper than conventional works for me. 🙂 Oh, and we had our first meter read the other day and it came in about $20 per month cheaper! Win for us and the environment. 😀

Check out your power company (I wonder if there is an equivalent webpage for other countries) and if they don’t stack up, check out an alternative if there is one available. Maybe it doesn’t make all that much difference on a global scale but if we all hold our coal fired electricity providers to account, maybe they will stop and think. Oh, and of course, look to lowering your own power usage. It will help the planet and your pocket. 🙂 (See here for a great book to help reduce your power consumption.)


2 thoughts on “How does your electricity company stack up?

  1. narf77 says:

    We have hydro but no competition and most of our hydro is sent over for “green” power to you guys. No choice to change here at the moment 😉

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