Babies abound

A few weeks back a certain white fluffy derrière of Miss Dandelion the chicken decided to plant itself in a nesting box. When I realised she was clucky but also being bullied off her next (of infertile eggs) I realised I had to do 2 things. Firstly, move the funny fluff-bag to a place where the bullies couldn’t get to her and secondly, source some fertile eggs. 🙂

My mate S was able to provide the latter and the former was sorted by shifting Miss Dandelion to one of the 2 small coops in side the large pen. We settled 6 eggs under her butt although 1 went walkabout as we got the eggs underneath before we moved her (we have at least 1 egg eater I’m afraid) but the 5 eggs were about all Dandy could handle. She’s a silky hen and hence bantam sized. I think she’s done a great job sitting on 5.

Sunday morning greeted us with 4 fluffy yellow babies. 🙂 4 out of 5 trumps Meatloaf at least. 😉

A conga line of chicks

A conga line of chicks

This is Dandelion’s first brood raised and she’s doing a fabulous job. We now have about 3 other hens sitting nests but I need to source eggs from elsewhere. Hoping my friend in Myrniong brings me a dozen of her freshest Barnevelder cross eggs on Thursday.

Spring is well and truly sprung when chicks are hatching. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Babies abound

  1. kmfinigan says:

    Its a fantastic time in the chicken coop! Beautiful and how exciting for you.

  2. Lynda D says:

    I bet the kids love it. So cute. I often visit Ella just to gaze at her baby chicks. I must admit, im not so keen on the Naked Necks but these are her favourites.

  3. Phil Pogson says:

    Nothing beats new life

  4. narf77 says:

    Where baby chicks are gorgeous and bring smiles to most peoples faces I think I would scream if I saw a batch coming out of the shrubs as we just managed to get our rooster population in check! We even have a chook that has converted to being a token rooster (seriously, look it up!) in order to take up the slack for poor Yin who has 17 (well, 18 and 1 er…”feMALE”…) hens to deal with at any given time (and ducky 😉 ). I only counted 16 yesterday and the clucky from the shed has mysteriously “disappeared” so my guess is she has found a clutch of eggs I haven’t been able to find and is sitting tight. I will find her… it is just a matter of time and she will have to come out and eat someday! How different reality is to a lovely notion! 😉

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