7 thoughts on “Children With Big Shoes

  1. narf77 says:

    I wear a woman’s size 10. Please don’t make me wear a bigger shoe! I already tripped over the trellising we put on our berries when I was mulching it today and almost ended up, upside down in the compost heap. I promise to do my best to live simply and carefully with the earth at the forefront of my thoughts so long as I don’t … have… to… wear… BIGGER…shoes 😉

  2. Linne says:

    In many ways, I’ve been wearing bigger shoes (metaphorically speaking here) since I was in my teens. In some ways I do even more now, but in others, less. It’s much harder in the city. The article was great, Jess, and thanks for sharing it. Nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks (a) that we need to grow up before we blow up and (b) that much of life has been degraded from even the ’50s. Manners, thoughtfulness, etc.

    • Life has degraded even since the 80’s and 90’s I reckon (I can’t speak for the 50’s after all 😉 ) but yeah, I totally agree. It is time we all stop and put on our bigger shoes (or big girls panties), stop whingeing and get our acts together. Even when we say we want to save the earth for our kids, the best many of us do is throw a few milk bottles in recycling and buy eco washing powder (which still contains some nasties anyway). Time to take some hardcore action and realise that neither technology nor ourleaders will save us.

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