Origins and a way to learn more about how to implement them

Mike from Damn the Matrix shared a film called Origins on his blog the other day. I’ve just finished watching it.

Origins talks about the distance we have removed ourselves from nature and how we used to live and the problems we are now facing due to this unnatural separation. It’s a good film. 🙂 Aside from little acknowledgement of peak oil and how the deficit of our favourite forms of “fire” will affect us in the coming years, the film covers many of the issues we will and are currently facing with GMO foods, medications, sedentary lifestyles, and more. It leaves me feeling a mixture of sadness and some hopelessness at how far we have moved away from the lives we evolved to live but also incredibly hopeful that a return to a simpler way of life with far simpler and more natural foods and a life with closer connection to nature will benefit us tremendously.

Please watch the film if you can. It is a longish one (1 hour 40 minutes) but well worth the time it takes. 🙂 Well worth your Sunday night. 😀

What it leaves me with though is for many people, returning to a simpler way of life is far from simple. I was raised by parents who had spent time with their hands in the soil (although the story of how they through the tomato they nurtured as newlyweds turned out to be a nightshade plant is quite amusing 😉 ) so I knew at least some of the basics of veggie gardening before we made the shift to Ballan. The rest we have learned from friends, trial and error and thanks to the assistance of YouTube and Google and other online sources. However, learning from the internet isn’t all that easy and reality is always different to online, no matter how detailed the information might be.

Here enters Rohan from Whole Larder Love fame. I’m relatively new to his blog and I haven’t yet read the book (I will soon Rohan, I promise) but what I have read on his blog is very inspiring. Rohan and his partner Kate are crowdfunding for The Nursery Project where they will build a mess hall, animal shelters, plant gardens and orchards, grow real food and more and best yet, teach others how to do the same thing. 😀

If the film Origins inspires you then The Nursery Project will energise you and allow a place to come and learn. Can you spare some money to help get this project up and running? HERE IS THE LINK to the Indegogo crowdfunding site where you can make a financial contribution.


One thought on “Origins and a way to learn more about how to implement them

  1. I normally wouldn’t take the time to watch something so long Jess, but what else do you do at 2.30 in the morning 🙂 While I don’t think it says anything we don’t know already putting everything together like this doesn’t it make our lives look so grey, zombie like and screwed up! We no longer think of doing right for the next 7 generations do we?!I enjoyed this thank you.
    I also follow Rohan, he is a great inspiration, it’s been interesting following his journey.

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