The Pale Blue Dot

Like it or not, this is where we make our stand.


6 thoughts on “The Pale Blue Dot

  1. Thanks Gav for sharing the vid,

  2. foodnstuff says:

    And thanks to you too, Jess.

    We’ll give it our best shot, but I fear we’re going to f**k it up, all the same.

  3. Linne says:

    Every try counts, so we need to just keep on going, making our own corner a wee bit better . . . and we can all do that, right? ~ Linne

  4. Anne Wilson says:

    What a mess man has made of our Pale Blue Dot, if man even did inhabit other planets he would destroy that as well.

  5. narf77 says:

    As Linne says, the best we can do is keep on trying…

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