If it’s not a pumpkin, what is it?

I mentioned the other day about my super-sized possible pumpkins but my lack of confidence in identifying the actual Cucurbita I had grown. Was it a pumpkin? Possibly a spaghetti squash? I had planted some poorly labelled seeds (what’s the chances of me learning my lesson 😉 ) and the fruit were huge and needing slinging up but I had no idea if they were to be picked now or left to ripen over the season.

I bit the bullet today and picked one, the 3rd largest. The smaller ones are too small as yet but if they were pumpkins I did not want to cut the monster sized one-off in its prime growing season. I compromised for the smallest viable one and so it was picked.

My helper assisted in bringing it into the kitchen for me.

What is it Mummy? I don't know.

What is it Mummy? I don’t know.

Armed with a heavy cleaver, a deep breath, 1, 2, 3! We cracked it open and…

Noodles awaiting preparation.

Noodles awaiting preparation.

Voila! Spaghetti squash. I’ve NEVER eaten it before so lunch tomorrow is veggie and cheese sketti I think. 🙂

Today we had sweetcorn for lunch, fresh from the garden. We planted painted mountain corn as an heirloom variety and also one of the most cold tolerant corns available which makes sense in our neck of the wood. I forgot to photograph the insides but they were far from yellow and each cob was different. None were the mixed rainbow of kernels like in the photos but there was a yellow and white one, a pale yellow with pink tinges, yellow with red bases around each kernel and yellow and purple which, funnily enough, stains. I had the yellow and white one (the kids love purple food) and whilst it wasn’t nearly as sweet as shop corn it was most delicious none the less and far more intense in flavour as only fresh, home-grown organic food can be. 😀

No green leaves on this one. It was the one with purple inside. The red one had red streaks on the leaves. My corn is so pretty!

No green leaves on this one. This is the corn which was purple inside. The red one had red streaks on the leaves. My corn is so pretty!

8 thoughts on “If it’s not a pumpkin, what is it?

  1. ingridlee says:

    It’s definitely the right shape for a spaghetti squash, but looks a wee bit (heaps!) un ripe? The proof will be in the cooking I guess. Bake cut side down and pierce with a knife. I hope it’s sweet and not bitter green!!

    Regards, Ingrid http://www.garmentingenuity.com.au


  2. You’ve just reminded me…I planted some gem squash somewhere…wonder if it’s growing and bearing??? I would love some painted corn or varieties thereof but we are very limited to what makes it through the quarantine laws here in Tas. I’m sure it will come eventually.

  3. Jo says:

    I must admit to being very boring and liking my corn yellow and my beans green. Your children are so gastronomically brave! Fingers crossed for the spaghetti vegetables:)

  4. Lynda D says:

    So how did it go. Ive never eaten spaghetti squash either.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Your ‘spaghetti squash’ looks suspiciously like an overgrown version of a Maltese marrow (zucchini). We normally pick them a lot smaller, remove the centre, chop it up, add to mince meat, chopped onion, garlic, salt and pepper and the filling is spooned back into the marrow then the marrow is either put into a broth or baked until tender and filling cooked.

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