I thought it was supposed to be Summer

We’ve had the fire lit all week. Not during the day but each morning and in the evenings, the temperatures have been cool enough to warrant lighting the fire (it’s our sole source of heat and we also cook with its heat and heat our hot water in the absence of the sun so it’s not quite as mad as all that). The crazy thing is that it’s Summer here in Australia and usually February involves days in the 40°C’s (over 100°F) and nights can be in the 20°C’s easily. Not at the moment.

Temperatures have been warm enough during the day although not in the 30’s by any stretch of the imagination and some days haven’t reached 20°C but the nights have been as cold as 2°C last week. Thank goodness we avoided a frost! Brrrr

The worst bit is that I think my fruit trees are a little confused. 😦


It’s not supposed to be apple blossom time.

At least there haven’t been any frosts. I guess this is going to be the new reality with our climate in disarray. Freaky or unpredictable weather is to be the norm in future I fear. I just hope we don’t get a run of extreme heat to “make up for” the run of cool weather we have had. 😦


10 thoughts on “I thought it was supposed to be Summer

  1. brymnsons says:

    We have been well and truly in the summer phase out here at the end of the Nullabour. We’ve already had a few 40 – 45 degree days and mostly are in the 30’s. I will try to waft some warmth your way 🙂

  2. I think that it is a taste of what is to become the ‘norm’. We are getting snow and ice most days and although it is winter here, Ireland is usually quite temperate, more wet and windy and definitely milder than this! The earth is tilting away from the sun so we will probably have to get used to it.:(

  3. foodnstuff says:

    Well, you did choose a cool neck of the woods to live in 😉 I’m loving the summer so far, but we’re in for a week of over 30’s here so it’s not over yet. The days have been fine, but I must admit to having the leccy blanket on a couple of times just to warm up the sheets.

  4. Lynda D says:

    I hear that March is going to be warm so perhaps we have just moved the the left a couple of months. Might get that second crop of tomatoes going yet.

    • Mine are just starting to ripen. I want some warmth for them to do just that plus plenty of time for my pumpkins to get bigger too. And somehow an icy cold winter is much easier to bear when one can remember how one longed for the ice in 40+ degrees.

  5. Sarhn says:

    I was only thinking that this summer there has only been two nights without a blanket on the bed. Very strange. Felt like Autumn right through summer (except for about two weeks).

    • As much as I dislike trying to sleep through steamy nights and our house is NOT good at staying cool which makes for uncomfortable days too, the warmth in summer is important. I want my tomatoes to ripen for starters and there are other systems I am sure that rely on the heat as much as others rely on the cold. The seasons are the way they are for a reason and it worries me when they don’t play ball.

  6. Chris says:

    Yes. This is what a normal summer is like. The rainfall and temperatures have been more or less average. Last summer was crazy with 10 days > 40’C. The tomatoes don’t ripen here until mid February even in a hot year, which is more or less normal for this area. One of the locals has an eggplant which ripens outside, so I’ll try and nab some of the seed from that fruit for next summer. Hopefully the fruit trees will adapt to the variable conditions. Cheers. Chris

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