Nature is speaking – I am Mother Nature

This moved me to tears. Mother Nature is more powerful than we. I feel it’s time to show her some more respect.

4 thoughts on “Nature is speaking – I am Mother Nature

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    This is one of a series of videos that rabidlittlehippy has reblogged recently. I think it’s worth re-reblogging; worth watching over and over again. We humans think we are so important. Mother Nature is indifferent to us. A lesson worth learning. Hurt her and she will hurt us. Look after her and she will look after us in return. Can’t get any simpler that that.

  2. A great series, love this.

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    Beautifully expressed.

  4. Very powerful and very true. Most of us get it. It’s those that are filling their pockets at any expense that are putting us all at risk. When we know better, most of us try to do better. Hope it’s not too late.

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