Milk bottle planters

A clever upcycle on a budget and with infinite possibilities! 😀


I go through 3 litres of milk a week. While the plastic containers are (supposedly) recyclable, it still irks me to see them in the recycling bin. Being a Grade A Cynic, I doubt that much of what I put in the bin actually gets recycled.

In a permaculture system, each element should perform more than one function. So the bottles have already functioned to deliver milk to the system. What else can they do?

I’ve cut the tops out of them to use as dippers in my 60 litre rainwater harvesting bins which sit beside the rows of wicking boxes :


How about growing plants in them? Cut away the top and part of the side, leaving the handle intact. Drill a couple of drainage holes about one-third of the way up from the bottom (so it becomes a wicking container) and fill with compost :


Add a seedling…

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2 thoughts on “Milk bottle planters

  1. Linne says:

    cut a hole in the side, put in a ball of yarn and feed the end out through the tip (bottle cap off, of course). Keeps balls of yarn from tangling, away from the youngsters as well as away from kitties. Win/win/win!!

    and VERY glad to see you here again, my friend. ~ Linne

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