The weather is mad

As in crazy. Stir crazy.

Yesterday was a total fire ban. It was hot. We reached a top temperature yesterday of around 35°C in the Central Highlands of Victoria but I believed it reached 42°C in Laverton in Melbourne. Officially a scorcher.

Today on the other hand is anything but hot. In fact, today is cold. It’s currently 13°C!

It seems the weather is pretty skew whiff everywhere at the moment. Santa may need to borrow Poseidon’s chariot if the temperatures in the arctic stay as warm as they were around Christmas just gone and the UK is having a very wet winter with terrible flooding, particularly in the north.

Here’s hoping that the rain continues for a day or more here, but I would like just a little more warmth. It makes me feel very stupid to have our fire lit in mid summer but it really is quite cool and we have no other source of heating. I’ve already put a jumper on.

5 thoughts on “The weather is mad

  1. foodnstuff says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me. On Wednesday I wore a t-shirt and shorts. Today I have a polo-neck skivvy on and 2 jumpers. And (don’t tell anyone), but last night I put my electric blanket on before I went to bed!

    Crazy is the word!

  2. Linne says:

    That IS crazy weather, Jess! We’ve had fairly mild temps here and then it turned quite cold for a couple of days. Right now (6.30 am) it’s -17, but -22 with the wind chill; tomorrow is supposed to be -12, then Thurs and Fri up to -4. All this in Celsius. I’m quite happy to have the milder temps, but I’m not sure it’s a good thing in general, only for my own selfish purposes . . . I’ve lived through a few dry summers, with fires a real risk (and twice we had a fire close enough to our home to be a real worry) so I’m hoping you all get the rain you need. ~ Linne

    • I’m sorry, but -4 is COLD in my opinion. I have never been anywhere colder than -8 or so, so I cannot imagine -22. Much like Mr Bean was convinced he’d die at temps above 30C, is me to temps below -10. That’s human ice block weather! 😉
      We aren’t at a terrible risk of fire here in Ballan (although more than we were in Spotswood) but most of the state is as dry as can be imagined. It’s a perfect bushfire season really, for the fires that is. 😦
      Today however it’s raining. Nice light but steady rain. My gardens will get a nice soaking if it keeps up. 🙂

  3. Lynda D says:

    Im thinking that i want this summer to be over, on one hand, but then i will miss the growing season. See, not only the weather is confused.

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