Making good from bad

We’ve spent a weekend rather unwell. A nasty tummy bug laid the kids and I low on Sunday and Monday and we’re still coming good even now. It’s been rough to tell the truth. Nurse Nancy, AKA Martin, our long-suffering and most wonderful nursemaid truly has been most tremendous, ready to soothe the fevered brow and all other manner of necessary tasks when all others are unwell.

Being on the mend again I made our normal Tuesday evening dinner of roast chicken and veggies. After dinner I cleaned the rest of the meat off the bones for Thursday nights dinner and popped the bones into some cold water on the stove with a little apple cider vinegar to make stock and realised I was out of room for freezing any more stock. My freezer was full to overflowing. Time to break out the pressure canner. 🙂

And given the cooler weather this evening, with the temperature down around 11°C overnight and with a house full of still not fully well people, I decided that whether it was February or not (the hottest part of summer for us usually) I was lighting the fire. A perfect place to simmer the chicken bones and melt the frozen chicken stock whilst the canner warmed up and the jars sterilised on the other stove.

Fresh stock in the silver pot, frozen stock in the blue and the kettle for a cuppa (of course).

Fresh stock in the silver pot, frozen stock in the blue and the kettle for a cuppa (of course).

It’s been so nice to break out an old friend again, and know that between us we will fill my pantry with homemade nutritious food. A great practice run too, given that it’s just now turned to tomato time of year once again. It won’t be long until the glut of summer is upon us and it’s urgency will make itself known. Then once again I will be busy in the kitchen filling jars with summer goodness. 🙂

My trusty Presto. A small issue with lack of pressure was resolved by a brief clean of the over-pressure valve. Funnily enough it doesn't work when it's got something stuck in it.

My trusty Presto. A small issue with lack of pressure was resolved by a brief clean of the over-pressure valve. Funnily enough it doesn’t work when it’s got something stuck in it. I really should read all the instructions (like maintenance) sometime. 😉

As an aside, I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but we moved our goats along to new homes last year. With all that was going on for us, the situation with the goats wasn’t working for any of us and we moved Anna along to a wonderful goat retirement home where she spent her twilight months making friends with several other goats and having a grand old time. Sadly, she passed away in early December which was unexpected. She is missed. Pandora however moved to the farm from where Anna had come and since her rehoming has been rather busy. A delightful message a couple of weeks back introduced us to her twin girls, Bubbles and Squeaky. Well done Miss Pandora (or should we now call her Mrs). We can’t wait to meet her 2 seriously cute kids.

Pandora with Bubbles and Squeaky.

Pandora with Bubbles and Squeaky.

Mind you, I think mine are even cuter. Do you think I might be a little biased? 😉

Off to school for two and 1 to playgroup with me.

Off to school for two and 1 to playgroup with me.

Three little lunch boxes, all in a row. Guess whose was left behind on the couch. 😦 T’was a hungry morning for Mr Orik but we were home in time for a midday feast. 🙂 After homeschooling for some months last year, we chose to enroll Jasper into school, Allegra into kindergarten and Orik into childcare around May. It took a load off my shoulders and the children thrived. This year we have 2 big school children and they are loving it. We haven’t ruled out homeschooling, either full or part-time again in the future but in a truly tiny school we feel we have the best of both worlds at the moment and I have to say, some of the best teachers I’ve met. It’s working for all of us, although I don’t love the early morning get ready for school challenges. Truly, how many times can you lose 1 shoe!

Ha, I’ve just read my blog title and realised how well it all fits together! My kids homeschooling turning to conventional school wasn’t exactly bad, just not the way we had hoped and planned, the same for our caprine situation but I guess good really does sometimes come from bad. I’ll raise a cup to that. 😀 A cup of delicious homemade chicken broth of course. 😉


5 thoughts on “Making good from bad

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Probably a bit biased, but they are definitely cuter than baby goats 😉
    Hope the dreaded lurgi leaves you soon.

  2. Linne says:

    Just popping in for a quick catch-up here. Sorry to hear that Anna’s no longer here, but glad she had a good placement for those last months.

    Am thrilled to see Pandora’s sweet kids (and how fortunate both are girls! My Arabella gave us three pairs of bucks, never a single girl ..); I have to agree, though, that yours are the cutest ever… Those wee pigtails of Allegra’s!! Love them!
    On looking back, my boys would have thrived in a small school like yours; wish I’d had that option. I think now that having time apart a d separate experiences to share is good for everyone and can be a good foundation for adult life.

    Sorry you had the bug again but good to see you on the mend. I miss canning and sure hope there is still room for more in my future … in the meantime, I shall feast vicariously on your harvest days 🙂

  3. Lynda D says:

    Glad you are all feeling better and thanks for your cheeky comments by text. Its just a little “hey you” every now and then that makes me smile.

  4. Great blog post! I am also guilty of not reading instructions properly! The other day canning tomatoes I was distracted by sir toddler and forgot to put Tue water in!!!! Luckily I realized before the canner burnt out or the jars exploded!
    I enjoyed what you said about homeschooling. We have this on our minds now. Homeschool is our number one option but sometimes I wonder if we can really fit it all in.

    • Thank you. A lucky save re the water! I put all my jars in the canner the other day then realised I’d left the rings off. I was able to save the day but it was a lucky save. That’s what comes from trying to do it all at once. Ah well, we can only aspire to perfection and try I guess. 😉

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