About me

I’m a 30 something mum to 3 young children, Jasper, Allegra and Orik. My husband Martin and I decided to make a move to country Victoria to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle, growing and preserving our own fruit and vegetables, raising chickens for both meat and eggs and sourcing other foods as locally and organically as possible.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. anthonypickering says:

    Just ducked into Ballan as wife wanted to visit quilting shop. Noticed someone has cut what looks a like a willow tops off be good resource for trellasus, tipi or stakes 🙂 zone 5

    • Willow is actually a really bad choice and for 1 reason only. It resprouts. If you used it for teepees then you’d end up with 3 small willow trees. I wonder if they cut them for basketry and if they did I wonder who it is and of they can teach me. 🙂

      • anthonypickering says:

        That is a bit of an urban myth re the willow it is a bit harder to sprout than just putting it in the ground 🙂 give it a try and you will see 🙂

        Basketry willow is usually coppiced but if you can get some just look it up mum self taught years ago and just started making stuff 😉

  2. kylie Ayling says:

    Hello Jessie! I’ve been so busy and so sorry I haven’t kept in touch. So glad your still blogging! What an amazing job you have done with your farm. Always thinking of you xx 🙂

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